why use tour guide system when you are travelling

 News     |     November 18, 2019
 People who visit Beijing must go to the Palace Museum.As the saying goes, if you go to Beijing, you need go to the Forbidden City."We should give tourists a dignified tour experience." in the past, the Palace Museum's loudspeakers were always loud and noisy. Tour guides' use of loudspeakers, bees and loudspeakers has become a chronic problem that damages the visiting environment.In order to give tourists a better experience, the Palace Museum banned tour guides from using megaphone devices in April 2015.After canceling the "big horn", "small bee" and "megaphone" explanation, there are two ways two guide system to enter the Palace Museum.
tour guide system
tour guide system
One is team tour guide system, suit a team to visit explain, there are many tour guide system manufacturers, Yingmi tour guide system with high quality and very easy to use, an interpreter wears transmitter to be able to take hundreds of earphones, the farthest distance reaches 200 meters above.One of the tour guides spoke with a microphone at a normal volume, while the tourists behind wore earphones to listen. It was an immersive explanation experience, and the tourists felt very good.
Other one is the automatic tour guide system, can be rented from the ticket office of the Palace Museum and is suitable for individual visitors to visit freely.To visit the Forbidden City, without a guide to explain will leave a regret, miss a lot of historical knowledge.
Now more and more people like to travel, tourism has become a new era of lifestyle, like museums, scenic spots, historical hall, exhibition hall, museum, science and technology museum, museum of art, galleries, cultural centers, monasteries, temples, to be able to use tour guide system of the scenic spots of the exhibition hall has a lot of, tour guide system  device will become a trend in the future.