why many museum choose yingmi audio guide system?

 News     |     October 25, 2019
 Some famous museums, in order to protect cultural relics, generally forbid taking pictures or talking loudly, so loudspeakers have been banned.Then we can understand why museums choose Among numerous audio guide system manufacturers, yingmi audio guide system has become the first choice of museums.
 audio guide system.
audio guide system
The main reason why yingmi electronic tour guide can be accepted by the public is that it can not hurt the cultural relics and tourists.
1. Yingmi audio guide system is used with the effect of internal wireless transmission. The equipment adopts wireless transmission technology.
audio guide system
2. The museum needs to walk around, so this requires a certain transmission range of the equipment to be able to move, while audio guide system of yingmi is able to walk within 200 meters without fear of being unclear or making noise.
 audio guide system
So these museum needs the standard, the yingmi audio guide system can easily meet, certainly suitable for the museum.