What problems can nursing call system solve?

 News     |     July 15, 2022
        How does the nursing call system help us in our daily life and daily problems in the hospital? There will be many inconveniences during our medical treatment and when we are hospitalized, such as: How can a patient call a nurse to change the infusion line at night? How can a patient call a nurse for help when they are uncomfortable? How can a patient immediately save himself if he falls and faints in the bathroom? How can medical staff know the patient's condition immediately? How can medical staff immediately know the exact location of the patient? How can medical staff help them when patients are in trouble? A variety of problems will be exposed, of course, if we can install nursing call system products, these problems can be solved. 
nursing call system
        First of all, we will match the products according to the above problems. In the patient's room, we will install the nursing call system extension and the toilet emergency button, these two devices are for the convenience of the patient to immediately notify the medical staff and call in case of emergency in the bathroom. In the nurse station scene, we will be equipped with a nursing call system host and a corridor display, these two products are used to receive calls from patients and at the same time, there will be voice broadcasts to announce how many rooms and how many beds, so that our medical staff can immediately know the exact location. The service hall and doctor's office will be equipped with emergency buttons, in case of danger At times, one-click dialing to the security room can be achieved, so that we can notify the security guard to maintain the scene even if there is a doctor-patient dispute. At the same time, we will find many different problems in the internal scene of the hospital. We will make a professional solution quotation according to the needs provided by you on site and the problems to be solved.
nursing call system