On new. Yellow crane building!

 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Await accidentally, always think to a moment ago had nearly read aloud wanted scene, honest, far also has, be just like, yellow crane building.

Inside the courtyard, the eve of the lunar New Year of numerous Xie Mao of a few branches maple Yang Sui wind sways, of gold of black bottom fine gold " cafe of yellow crane building " word of a few the eve of the lunar New Year, low-key the eve of the lunar New Year is angry, the team spirit difference that Zhan Zizhu encloseds ground for growing trees. Scrutiny cafe, have bright side, the bricky type that accumulates in the eve of the lunar New Year ground glass, make it is rectified in pervious to light wall, clear concealed cafe samples peculiarly.

Inn door opens for side, warning in tentative idea of Chinese style courtyard " a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center is illuminated " concept, build at leisure of one round static common is fair scattered free space. Enter into side door, inside in dimensional name leaves suddenly. Except coffee bitter side operates area, borrow open article is achieved do article show a space, endure with bamboo, screen again made few points absolutely the multiple space from force, the pattern is clear, small and see the eve of the lunar New Year.

Put on coffee table orchid, the persimmon in vase of part of part of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center, wall edge builds the bamboo that sit. . . . . . All be natural completely this solid appearance; Screen of this bridge of condole of quantity of archaize blue bricks, wood, wood desk and chair, patina, orange lamplight. . . . . . Show contemporary heavy and complicated already, hold a Chinese style verve concurrently again, ancient tall refined, relaxed take off elegant, carefree and content.

The woodcarving pattern that there is building of sparrow of building of yellow crane of 4 justing buildings, Yue Yang building, Teng Wangge, marabou inside cafe reachs reader, go to do elegant and meticulous.

28 yuan Huang He takes iron, the graph image of building of light yellow crane is fitted below. Price makes a person acceptable, buccal stomach also does not have a fault very. The bitter side that has petty gain borrows inside inn for choosing, sell very good.

Should sit to be in yellow crane cafe, fine taste coffee of a cup of yellow crane, can miss the story of river rural area that has the draw the outline of in nebula yellow crane to go out probably, also meet sigh with regret in former days myriad wind and cloud changes, but culminating all get drunk to waving in the wind in that cup in the Ga gush bazoo that ooze enters the people's morale. . . . . . Although fell to borrow that day,go, but at Wuhan travel, most the department that poetic flavour has a situation most is saved was in over there.

Yellow crane building, it is the scene face that is worth to visit!