Strange luck GX drives Anhui oneself: Those who seek the wording and purpose of w

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Had taken off hurriedly crowd, embrace the street that block up to tell, october eventually small cool, I look for the footmark that searching him, touch subsequently entered a Tang Meng.

The flavor of one crock wine, give the desire that can let me to sleep peacefully, the soul in atmosphere everywhere market is falling.

Ever imagining, if I am like the person that Xu Pu tells, how can capture his Yi Jin, be that if really is a Tang Meng in visitting road merely.

Open historical records that is thin heavy title page, look for before searching chiliad, decline the Tang Dynasty odour, the current political situation fostered him of unruly or unrestrained, can quite, he falls China A whose period.

Satisfaction is taken missing, the scholarly honour and official rank takes twists and turns, already by the time place vanish of historical records, but his poem, aromatic and unaltered, charm of involuntary discharge of urine still is put.

He, it is Li Hei.

Li Hei, customer of Tang Chao's giant romanticism Chinese ink.

He with prouded consciousness, the station is on the spoondrift of historical records, look down at few dies.

He is the soul come down in torrents of itself in the poem, consequently, we numerated, of broad-minded of bold and unconstrained crude, bank establishing cliff does not have the moral integrity of bridle, issue degree of proud wide broad-minded.

That is first time is being driven oneself in Anhui churchyard stop, just be the season of dusk autumn.

the Ou Ruiai that chose white in order to be lucky lustre GX, it is to was white automobile body to progress only not merely if really Yan Zhi, tile formed the black wall ash that borrows clique extraction badge to build to prep according to apparently, pass through to be in the metropolis, resemble telling white lightning. Decrease again on beautiful beautiful, activity, modern in indelicate bring went turning smally a rate, small impulse.

Accuse to go like the Yan Zhi that make about me, in indelicate and inevitable want multicolored, choose a car to also did not break rules.

The first time that sees Ai Ruize, special love its tentative idea element, it is science fiction film looks probably much, before " X " before facial exterior let me read aloud " 3X battle alarm " inside the element in, gutty in the future of the world inspect already feeling.

Be worth what carry was to equip brigade of light of dark of active LED the year before last year, that about faint hind nightly stop sail furnished inevitable assurance, checked instead again and again answer shut lamp of the eve of the lunar New Year, special uncover a heart, and nightly illume deepness result is very strong.

Car of that fruity and plump Xiaobai, always meet those who make you gutty and enchanted feel, be fond of of exceed what is proper takes the tentative plan between edges and corners point-blank, resembling is an artwork, be like the face before making those who have inherent quality, give me a reason that does not have be fond of please.

Before openly waist line low hind below, again collective before X tentative idea of the face, much the viewpoint with much cleverer good people, the mobile wind of modest modest.

No matter be suburb of lake of overgrown with weeds,drive, still be to fumble road of golden camp hill, driving warmth feels, acute tell continuously turn straight, and the little sense that turn a back is enjoyed in next fast road, decrease on the appearance dial of dazzle cruel strikes the interconnected system of much intermediary system that controls screen, speech jointly, the setting equipment decoration of 1.5T all gave me very of the eve of the lunar New Year glad.

All the young associate that the demand in excursive road relies on chart, what can take idea to did not arrive to your excursion in that way is cheerful, I read aloud, if make,Ai Ruize GX is namely.

Lake of overgrown with weeds " river of Hunan of day door break down leaves, green jade fire east flow to be answered so far "

Lake of overgrown with weeds, as come as Li Hei excursive the first station, coming in dusk special arrive at. Over there all be a list of things is strange completely, the herd with strange a list of things, the food with strange a list of things, the metropolis with strange a list of things.

Lake of overgrown with weeds, abbreviation is " overgrown with weeds " , rural area of another namer river, "City of Jiang Dong name " , " area of Wu Chu name " . If really " among little Jiang Jubu, Anhui fragile " fame Central Plains, have " the cloud flies color seeing a tree, jiang Jing listens current reputation " beautiful praise.

Go overing grown with weeds lake, what inevitable cannot misses not as good as is " lake of overgrown with weeds 10 scene " : Stone of spirit of billow of smoke of door of Qing Feng of casting of fine willow of haze of shade of reddish brown tower, lens lake, bare, autumn scenery playing whip, odd Jiang Daying, day, west hill, Ma Renyun charm of fire of laborious of wall, contented, .

Go to be being met, should come necessarily the pace there stops the street takes fastfood market, going in the person the person is gone to in search look for the impression that belongs to that metropolis to take taste.

Before reaching lake of overgrown with weeds, once had done work, final target day is Zhongshan road pace stops street, of the photograph adjacent that subsequently about pace stops a few minutes 10 to be able to be arrived at good feed a market, endure card delicious in exploded old grandma beef.

Have a way, it is a metropolis of hundred years historical records see evidence; Have a way, it is charm of breeze of the clever gas of a metropolis, marrow; Have a way, the analyse that is a metropolis bright, palpitant battle is tongueless; That road, the Zhongshan road pace that is city of lake of overgrown with weeds stops street.

The pace stops the end of the street is lens lake, north leans on reddish brown hill over there, the degree when calm is like lens, crystal light, every time the setting sun on the west inclined during, reddish brown hill takes lake fire set each other off, shadow of booth form tower, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, concealed gets bright and beautiful of all the more to surprise beautiful.

Lens lake is the about area of open mode, well balanced stage pavilion photograph is inspected, each other of straight bridge little corridor is connected; Various and contemporary change build group of annulus lakes to tower aloft, make lens lake fine willow is taking the metropolis emotional appeal of dense, contemporary scenery, park of lake of lens of city of lake of overgrown with weeds " lens lake fine willow " the department is ancient " lake of overgrown with weeds 8 scene " one of.

Each location all has beef in, all miss to answering in the beef of Dan Wu lake, stopping in the pace the Chan Tong of the street has the house in beef of domestic old grandma in alley, should belong to the old name in beef of lake of overgrown with weeds.

That fact was to eat the first bowl, borrow meeting gallop in the beef that reads aloud the second bowl, also did not exaggerate at the same time. Go overing grown with weeds lake even if did not go the pace stops street, also want to try necessarily!

What often suckle the house in milk cow flesh is other and fastfood also be fine is much, be just like beef a round mass of food, the beans works, 100 leaves are strung together, bittern egg, red bean fermented glutinous rice, probably vermicelli made from bean starch of on the face one bowl of beef, hemp is hot very hot, need your gastric heart enough the eve of the lunar New Year only, of modest modest all is glad.

The dead meaning over there actually good, in the time that expecting to had been done in beef, in a moment modest person, if make not exhaust day is relapsing.

The want itself of a hanger-on of an aristocrat end after boiler going out in arrives on seat, in order to be, want to go gradually necessarily, be careful, be careful again.

Before next chopsticks, inspecting the white oil that there is hot gush bazoo in the bowl, tremendous beef, feel internal heat flows all quickly.

Ate beef of of one mind, that flavour says the solid description that do not have a law, in old grandma beef not disappear listens any flavoring, flavor is imagined thickly than me fine is much, quite hot also, this going to Anhui dentition flavour is so heavy.

Borrow a face bolus of a beef, permeating the dense feeling of broth, match fermented glutinous rice of on one cup of red bean, that breakfast it may be said all matchs.

Li Hei is visited from pee be fond of, ba Shanshu fire swam before giving Sichuan, piece Sichuan is the following all time nearly all are living adrift the delay of 4 circles swims burnt mouth, the whole thing the of short duration of 27 years when using.

Giving Sichuan demit to be close to in Li Hei those who swim went overing grown with weeds second year lake, li Hei of 26 years old goes against by ship river and use up 7 rows when one end wrote to became famous when falling sentence " hill of the door that look a day " : "River of Hunan of day door break down leaves, green jade fire east flow to be answered so far. Cross-strait green hill goes out absolutely, gu sail goes by the side of a day. Gu sail goes by the side of a day..

Unaltered conjunctive crosses present day door mountain the function of the heart, just now good touching a ferry, the platoon that people has order is worn the team ascends a boat, what be driven toward Jiang Huo subsequently is additional a side.

Driving Ai Ruize GX from about of day door hill car Cheng of 30 minutes, in city of lake of overgrown with weeds river the eve of the lunar New Year tells lake of overgrown with weeds new one in place, carry north on the back again 200 meters, arrive at abb the eve of the lunar New Year of two rivers in taking is told hand in collect place, carry on the back again ancient town thises to turtledove namely on the west.

endure card in order to be over there complete it is to be if really: Countrywide badge business, promote Yu Jiuci. The street of the meddlesome lane of mark sex, row upon row of is exhibited, majestic and grave ancestral temple, it is over there alone industry of one miscellaneous base endures the badge that make to send ancient guard, ancient town of turtledove at present.

What just met red-letter day of ancient town chrysanthemum is original a day, the black wall ash that the chrysanthemum of of all kinds color is mirrorring badge to send is made of baked clay, do not have artistic concept one time.

Modest leaves inside ancient township the inn four of of all kinds feature, really one side carries battle feeling on the back, although once most level of the eve of the lunar New Year was modelled on, but commerce odour still is very of dense, if go out,have those stores nothing more than, also go out had a profit.

Gu Zhengen recovers from an illness according to case, let a person one is plant more spatio-temporal feel, most is cafes, the sort of wine borrows not only wine of type of single range Yu Hui, borrow can see what peach blossom wakes, number One Scholar is white.

Badge type is built is not to refer in particular to Anhui to build, 6 counties take administrative division of Yu Hui of less important be current ministry of wide city the eve of the lunar New Year and area of circumjacent badge words (like stage of heart of Anhui an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast, stone,

Expect with brick, wood, Shi Weiben, give priority to with wooden structural frame. Bridge wearing is multi-purpose makings is tremendous, and take seriously color. Borrow admit brick, wood, stone carving generally, express those who esteem tall nobility to color artistic degree.

Countrywide badge business, promote Yu Jiuci.

Badge business is elegant side weighing badge, originate the Eastern Jin dynasty, begin Yu Tang the Song Dynasty, prosperous Yu Minghun, ever was the end that business of 10 the eve of the lunar New Year help. Did not become a town without badge, during Mo Ming, old street of turtledove at present ever was the day that the appropriate merchant appropriate with badge main business lives namely.

Arrived muddy acting metaphase, had been bustling over there, merchant cloud comes loose the badge that battle badge business gathers together helps powerful garrison post.

Hundreds years in order to go, badge business is over there Ya of room of operation timber, tea, food, hock, article, cloth, food, salt industry, medicinal material, iron of smelt metal of their collect labour, open catch bureau, borrow this deal, make Gu Zhenfu of turtledove at present expensive one region, it is the main commerce side countryside of the lake that it is overgrown with weeds second among.

Over stage, sheng reed grate on one's ear, day of full happy noisy, lamp water coagulates eye, tourist is like formic. Take common people slow step then and come, but see water of discretion of a high building take water, yu Mao spends Yan Ren to see a person.

Person of market be issued to lower levels comes and go all round indelicate inspect, all spend the person of the cap for bright and beautiful garment, many of numerous and complicated, each have take look, have child child more, the foot holds festive lantern to run quickly at the lark on the street, a warm weather, common people stares at each other smilingly.

Of the complexion fact of that little elder brother is to reach the home, thissing in that turtledove ancient town, you are the 2nd, give somebody to dare admit the first.

Probably, you also can become the man of a peaceful, gradually the day enjoys postmeridian time, you are whole the world.

Announce countryside " look two without be disgusted with, want to respect booth hill only "

The hill respecting booth of countryside of Anhui north announce, person of fruit bookman coquettish in quick succession, with well-known tea of tradition of the Han nationality " Jing Ting green snow " famous whole nation.

Taking native place in hill between, tea spray is nasal the weather with deep and remote muddy of cropland of convolute, tea is good can't bear raising, and have those who shut hill to take native place is good sentence, it is to make the hill that respect booth more deep-felt the soul place of the people's morale.

Respecting booth hill, visit a time most, and the distinguished personages that knows to the person gives birth to, li Hei of celestial being of poem of nothing is more... than, "7 to the hill that respect booth " he, fact why and go?

The hill that respect booth is located in outskirt of north of announce countryside suburb, hill of Ben Mingzhao booth, jin Chu is hide avoid as taboo of the Supreme Being, more the name respects booth hill.

Few peak unexpectedly beautiful, layer hill is folded emerald green, rank grass of immense forest dark green, spirited, willow is green pink, yun Zhengxia colourful, developed the vision with the ancient, deep and remote, precious, beautiful hill that respect booth.

Ascended the hill that respect booth too black building, look as far as ones' eyes can see 4 look into the distance from a high place, jiangxiang is like draw, invariable, all be in completely eye ground.

The hill that respect booth is more than arteries and veins of Huang Shan, the lofty mountains with small large and small of 60 the eve of the lunar New Year flocks to be in one peak all around, as lark morning phoenix. Although the hill that respect booth did not fall, but unplugging in this upland weather area day and case, muddy of close eye seeing modest is emerald green, deep and remote deep of far indelicate Lin He.

In the color of dusk autumn, ai Ruize GX resembles that 10 thousand green clumps medium one side is white, the boast person key point with special assuming looks.

Rise and stop, power is sufficient, most power of the eve of the lunar New Year is 156 horsepower, the switch that economic form takes mobile form also is very go against free, below fast on carry on average below mobile form fast to 120km/h, give the inflectional feeling that has a tiny drop, left the scene of two side adagio to be in after dying.

Drive excursive oneself other a face that put family dependant is oily bad news, the group goes Daobili is acceptability, maintain at all 7 fall order about, attend a meeting air conditioning accidentally appreciably has promote, all be in nothing more than susceptive category less than.

The atmosphere light that nightly instrument panel lamp takes blue is strong when faint cutout decreased battle of truckload feeling of science and technology, children's hair feels, make there is inevitable composed the eve of the lunar New Year to enrage again below modern surface.

About female gone path, such as receives guest light, electronic cruise, the electron is stationed in a car, the car is told leave early-warning system unluckily, speech is alternant the system waits function a moment, it is to uncover what the heart reachs the home to feel almost.

Going against hill road and fall, can catch a glimpse of the tea garden on the hill that respect booth, announce countryside is worn most of the name borrow have Jing Ting green snow.

Announce country goes tribute tea to be able to escape the earliest go against the river arrives during the Eastern Jin dynasty, historical data record: " countryside of civilian Yu Xuan, accept tribute tea 1000 jins, gong Ming 300 jins.

Again henceforth is bright generation namely during, the hill that respect booth produced well-known tea of tradition of the Han nationality to respect booth green snow, this tea is when bright muddy. Tea of the tribute that be labelled, according to " announce countryside county annals " record, close trailing plants all has everywhere, taste is bitter and thin, be used like that very wide, respect tea of booth green snow, most inferior. And bright, between muddy, tribute of each years of accept 300 jins. Consequently knowable, respect booth green snow to be under the position of meantime.

Announce countryside " anger of peach blossom depression is deep 1000 feet, receive my favour without Ji Wanglun "

The Tang Dynasty between Tian Baonian, guest plum hacker resides black of the eve of the lunar New Year of hearsay of bark human relations female boreal hill father's younger brother Home Li Bing in relief, write doubt invite Li Hei to touch the be a guest in the home.

The path on doubt: "Is division commander teacher good swim? Have 10 lis of peach blossom here. Good drink of division commander teacher? Have 10 thousand inn here. Have 10 thousand inn here..

Plum Hei Suhao drinks, hear again be like this good view, disappointed on invitation and to, the place in already seeing doubt however declines all right scene.

Bark Lun Meiyi is entertained, move what become with anger of peach blossom depression to fine jade the oar takes Li Hei to be the same as drink, laughing at report Li Hei: "Peach blossom person, 10 lis in depression anger name also, do not have 10 lis of peach blossom. 10 thousand person, the lackey that opens inn is surnamed 10 thousand, not be to have 10 thousand inn. Not be to have 10 thousand inn..

Drive extensive of one leaf flat boat to swim on its, one punt-pole verdancy, microwave ripple, sufficient see " the smoke in 1000 feet Tan Guangjiu, peach blossom is like continous like pluvial willow " .

Area of scene of peach blossom pool is one minute 2, the ship fare dew with thither contact was in inside entrance ticket in, inside scene area many location demand endures ticket blocking check, want to pay good bill necessarily consequently.

Anger of peach blossom depression is deep 1000 feet, receive my favour without Ji Wanglun.

Parted peach blossom pool, driving Ai Ruize GX is driven toward interval to was not checked nearly again remember ancient village.

The village that investigate benefit is located in county of short for the Jinghe River of city of country of announce of the Anhui province, have 108 bridge originally, 108 100 ancestral temple, fane, have additionally now contemporary build 140 more than part.

The village that investigate benefit all around annulus hill, there are 4 all around: Zhong Xiu door, narrow mountain door, Ba Miao door, stone door; Two towers: Green hill tower, if tighten a tower; 3 fire: River of a surname river, Xu He, stone leaves one, take off a village and pass.

Came up against fine to go there more write dead teach dead, of huge crowd of people come loose to be in all the way, it is satisfactory very.

Gu Cun is vintage reside row upon row of nearly popularly, pitch-black house is made of baked clay, the equestrian head wall of shallow ash becomes repeatedly.

Checking what aid ancient village can catch a glimpse of to as if is stale cracked atmosphere only, countrywoman is washing clothes in brook fire, canine disgrace is going in the delay in alley, but, the riches and honour of former days is led to however in former days quiet farming room papers a mouth.

Present checking aid to resemble is unripe sleep white old man, shedding the exuberance that shows former days between the forehead of vicissitudes of life.

Gu Cun " control house according to hill, draw near igneous knot village " , classic gardens of wonderful day use China borrows the dispersed form that resides nearly popularly artisticly scene, right the crural law such as scene, form " in the bank is being lost inside the bank, fill " , "The green hill in the door if in house, merchant filariasis is entered on the west adjacent " " day person leaves one " format.

6 how

From 6 how to leave, catch up with toward the road of celestial stockaded village, about is barefaced good, qi Chengshan road, the Martin highway that hears that is Chinese edition, if,reading aloud the time of dusk autumn, the colour like palette should be over there.

Branch of the eve of the lunar New Year of equestrian fourth kilometre all is the hill road of on any account, but road condition is very good, assuring consequently below restful condition, perfect the mobile function of Ai Ruize GX the day to connect a department to be in all the way. Even if also is feeling below economic form tactility catchs transmission of 9CVT of neat new generation to take dynamical system to perfect blend, than before version horsepower and torque all are promoted somewhat. And the motive force that leaving in SPORT activity form, hold accuse a gender to all make a person elegant, the purpose Pan Chen of mark is firm, piece have what be excessive if really is straight tell and the induction is laborious, what without one side face Chun Mingshan contest tells feel.

The time that reachs celestial stockaded village once was noonday, handle lunch first, that is the condole boiler dish of this locality feature, if if go up from the word merely,understanding, that is go to dish trice eating.

Celestial stockaded village is ancient weigh Heng Shan, alias is cloudy hill, it is the eve of the lunar New Year fastens a mountain range the second peak. Its hero crouch fastens boundary of mountain the highest peak in a mountain range at the eve of the lunar New Year of Anhui another name for Hubei province, it is the place that military strategist in ancient China contends for surely since ancient times,

Celestial stockaded village is " beautiful land, those who use an animal is celestial " , shan Yiyun is the garment, yun Yishan is body, smoke cloud is convolute, invariable.

The amount of dew of ion back oxygen in taking the eve of the lunar New Year to enrage then is proportionate below, it is the day that handles natural and jungly bath.

Winter, 9 shadows waterfall resembles telling red to hang down shade condole is hanged plain before, the bead catenary that shade both sides as string of 1 glacial bead string goes to a know exactly about sth, top condole is hanging shade to be seamed by icicle of know exactly about sth build a shade beard that go, element common, pure like government office of jade of palace fining jade.

Keep a lookout, peak inn tells a dark horse to stopping before Wei of the Yi on peak of a dark horse as megalosaurus, pass through to be in thick shade rare forest; More if one waves of dance lacy waving on peak of a dark horse.

Pick up rank and on, sweat meaning not exhaust, hill wind blast, open system happy.

Will visit as Li Hei

Time is on the move

A snap of the fingers in a moment

Feeling declines then the Tang Dynasty dirt

Walking into Li Hei in poetic air

Moonlight surrounds tangly nutation thinks of native land

The image folds pair of heavy shadows to become 3 people

The music of Bohemian Jiang Li hangs Yun Fan to send the sea.

Go up at the beginning of late night colorfully decorated lantern

I am worn lamplight goes out

In the courtyard that stops to having information in quiet.


Nocturnal black became repeatedly

Just can see hill you accidentally the lamp water of a few other peoples.

Go together

You are waving in the dirt every of snow already up to before stop

And I however I a lamp bright the time leave early that rise.

This piece travel notes shows 5069 pen and ink in all, 96 pieces of pictures. Helped 78788 Anhui passenger.