Guangxi Nanning locks the country in a picture, be being patted casually is big,

 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Faithful fine village did not set enclosing wall, did not raise with entrance ticket.

Before saying a back along the village, fire of one lake green jade is mirrorred into the line of sight. Season once entered a winter, faithful fine village is green however meaning leisurely, vigor is abundant, be in it seems that personal details is new autumn arrive.

The village saved the room of of primitive simplicity that many 20 centuries make fine, the new building of vicinity is red is medium wall, in the number that there is multicolored north on the wall.

Reside battle greenery reflection of light to going up in crystal lake nearly popularly, the paint division that resembles skill thick crystal clear spills bright red draw just now agreeable fire coloured drawing or pattern.

Faithful fine village leaves a metropolis roaring nearly, enjoy peace of one round muddy alone, go out over there have those who suffer commerce odour is disturbed, appropriate live in seclusion.

Be in before fall last stage one round busy hind, often can look for a decorous location sanatorium, the location of show of the sort of hill muddy fire is opening my meaning.

Take off a street to walk along alley, the meeting when doing not have takes some to the village brushs a body nearly popularly and pass, well-meaning is shallow laugh let a person be like Mu Dongfeng.

Be in the village, some houses are become by open up small-sized only content house, some houses are happy into farmhouse by open up, person of near of room of a few rooms fars, foregone lackey nowadays there, be like again why story.

Time brush brick wall, take off too off-street, trigonometry plum is in gorgeous day is opening the corner, get circumstance atmosphere deck all the more small relaxed, more poetic flavour.

Be likened to a grand village, give on the west, the historical records that shows the ancient village such as bank is humanitarian atmosphere, north is peaceful faithful fine village more resemble already using rouge and powder, relaxed however the multicolored man that jumps.