1000 islands lake is known as " the world the first beautiful water " , the r

 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Igneous muddy is like jade, blue waves 10 thousand just, that is the impression that 1000 islands lake leaves branch of the eve of the lunar New Year the person. 1000 islands lake is destroyed to be " the first beautiful fire of countrywide " , belong to country body of one class fire, hold the post of the manage there to be able to reach the scale of drinkable fire without demand fall last stage. Also be 1000 islands lake then " lake old " this fruit with particularly delicious assuming -- the igneous quantity with excellent profit from of good quality and style. Fire of 1000 islands lake is become by advocate " farmer spring " igneous cause day, can see degree amount to 9 go to 10 meters, all the year round is having pain " farmer spring " in the fish that have a good swim, can have been flavor owed?

Be like,have this get a day alone the Zhejiang person of thin natural premise goes complete setting has mountain, know to denounce only take. About the award with natural the eve of the lunar New Year, burnt mouth is in circumjacent people very care is taken care of. Churchyard of Chun An county 88 wadi culminating nix breaks rules collect into 1000 islands lake, an any wadi in this are purified all take amount of fire of fire giving a lake the effect in the back.

2017 in order to go, chun An is mixed to all wadi inside neat county category pond, bay, channel, canal showed really " the river is built less " neat basket lid, add up to equips all sorts of rivers (lake) little 579 people, rate of river of little make one's rounds of river of above of class of neat county town is amounted to 100% , neat county 70% above are 88 wadi kind of fire quantity.

Zhejiang province is Qi Guofa runs one of district that the river creates less, but more rivers go less from popularly close, they go out have repay, total number is volunteer stop for. The river is in less every day those who promote the passenger such as skin of melon of bottle of fire of paper, mineral spring, unripe fruit to abandon is polybag of lakefront picking up, fecal, phlogistic day risks hot summer, winter is very bitter cold, can fatigue of accident Chang Xin. In order to be, go the passenger of amuse oneself of 1000 islands lake, also just as well is advertent of itself stop for, should not treat abandon fecal, dedicate for that multicolored lake fire a humble effort. (More and outstanding content, put family dependant please / fall a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations of a list of names posted up)