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 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Xinjiang, be located in the southeast ministry of our country, it is China accumulate in ocean most of the eve of the lunar New Year provincial stop politics area, take my territory day always in 1/6 what accumulate. 8 Xinjiang is adjacent country, having 17 state bank of a kind of heart, it is the main weather area that Chinese back opens on the west. This stops I go to our country western historical records least, function the neatest, volume most the country of the eve of the lunar New Year bank of a kind of overland heart: Suddenly my fruit Si Xinan. The end as Xinjiang heart bank, suddenly my fruit Si Xinan is our country in taking inferior the main heart bank of each other city, also be Xinjiang the open main window heart in be opposite.

Be in the morning during Sui Tang, suddenly my fruit this it is north of ancient the Silk Road tell the main stage that go up, follow now " take one case " hold water, there was economic start area over there, built the remaining part on the world cross war of condition free trade to invest synergic area, always in accumulate 5.28 narrow round kilometre, round kilometre of the 3.43 narrow in this is inside my territory, 1.85 narrow round kilometre is in churchyard of Kazakstan Si Tan.

The Christian era 1881, zun Zongtang recaptured the Xinjiang Yi that is encroached 11 years to plow from tsarist Russia foot, will setting then henceforth sit heart bank. " in Russia is revisory Yi Li convention " after signing, the commerce inside a hunderd li of territory of delimit two countries does not have demand levy. Breath out in 2003 suddenly my fruit this among business of international territory club build, the collect conjunction that lets tax-exempt business all the more is flourishing. Hearing of the tool inside shopping centre is proportional and cheap, have each years exceed 5 million person-time to leave the country from China into into shopping centre.

Should read aloud into into shopping centre, very austere, demand morbid Id, come suddenly my fruit this city works among, get ready condition of a piece of income and expenses is connected stop card but. Although say that does card to need 3 minutes to order about only, nothing more than because of the person that get ready very much, get a flower in order to be rank on half hours to order about, if read aloud to handling affairs,ramble a little while more inside the area, still be to get early face to handle card.

Handle appropriate card, go among territory, demand plays base of bit of area of income and expenses absolutely, primary fight goes abroad popularly same, nothing more than the Li Youliang inside that's much tool cannot is taken not as good as, be just like egg, medicines and chemical reagents, with conduction goods. Leave the country like place person is very much also, also get rank, that is a thing that has way. According to comprehending, into can avoid visa to open a law to stop 30 days into shopping centre. From which round a side is entered can take care of 8000 yuan of free commodities every day into everybody, enter from Ha Yuan into can take care of 1500 euro free commodities, hear can take care of tax-exempt specified amount borrow in the future can promote.

Enter after entering shopping centre, what at first goes is area of our country churchyard, always in accumulate for kilometre of 3.43 narrow circle, rural area of dispersed many business business, nearly can buy the goods of branch of the eve of the lunar New Year on the world, and price is a lot of cheaper than common duty-free inn how many. This is then medium most in making of my feeling hobby is, breath out suddenly countryside of trade of black international of my Guo Siyi.

Thoroughfare is in business, zhejiang person still is feral, walk along the world to all can see their figure, as Zhejiang person I still am to have small pride of that end one side. Justice it is good to there is inside countryside of black international trade makeup small town, have go from the world each days masked article, admittedly Chang Zhenhui of price strong and weak points, common and duty-free inn gives law comparing.

Area of the circle in rambling, you borrow can look to the area that breath out a circle. Be in an arch over a gateway that has two high and steep in area of two countries territory, area of the white on the graph is Chinese churchyard, blue is churchyard of Kazakstan Si Tan. Be over there you are done not have again demand any feet absolutely, but comfortable take off stop take two countries between, admittedly sufficient the passenger loves step on two territory day to photograph most, exceed what is proper is Chinese passenger, never-ending. Round area is brought first in see over there, below one we will breath out round area to look, put family dependant please!

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