The ginkgo of Jing Ningyan brook fizzled out, be about to Jing is colourful your

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Brook of wild goose ●

Blast is blown, after the house before the room, alley child go up, on stonewalling, on tile-roofed house, ginkgo flies violently, golden. Fall than reaching ginkgo part of a historical period, exhibit a piece thin thin day blanket, shut Yu Gu village, shut the image at time to flow backwards at first.

The slimy house of ancient early taste takes tile load one's writing with fancy phrases popularly close house each other interweave, on stale brick wall, the smooth shadow that is ginkgo class refute drifts. The mist in the village mists crisscross of battle smoke from kitchen chimneys gives the luster that restores ancient ways warm up, internal heat of the world cook a meal, most stroke ordinary person heart.

You, jing Ning's spring is very short

I, that is to be you to go out if really have small stream of meet unexpectedly wild goose

On November 30, wild goose brook is antediluvian take a picture section

best season

Meet a bend countryside time that belongs to your battle ginkgo

Spring, go about wild goose brook, not was few lonely, more resembling is decline put. Blue sky nebula, Gu Wu is old curtilage, Jiang Yingxuan beautiful, tourist eats paint... . Ancient village is hiding most the spring scenery of acme, the spring wild goose brook in the eye that battle romance all hides into you.

Xie Jiang leaf is filled with, year answer a year, of time it is good like Si Wei to often will be induced. The 6 costar with that one small circle go out spring the bosom is tender, it is season unreal change give, also be intended person look for search.

Exhibit the A of mat for you who is aureate the world, be over there elegant time, ginkgo fizzled out, that small country mirrors the of primitive simplicity that hold in the palm and abstruse. You are going in dusk autumn, give me aureate Chun Jing.

Wild goose brook is over there, one round the world, two place the world.

Every arrive that season, "Ginkgo is caught spring " the thorn of hand of a piece of bright and beautiful that became wild goose brook, absorbing afflux of passenger of know exactly about sth indelicate smooth travel. She is like aspic age girl, unaltered and antediluvian elegant, blame easily also a lot of take a picture Shi Chi is confused at her.

The wheat bud mutation of spring becomes vernal wine, the pluvial Yun of early summer becomes hiemal snowflake. Dusk autumn already arrived start, chu Dong's action stealthily and to. On November 30, go Jing Ningyan brook, drive go to to shut the vision at ginkgo to decline banquet.

When ginkgo meet unexpectedly Jin Feng takes a surname, when meet unexpectedly of wild goose brook you

Make a person dead all meet unexpectedly, all become a kind wonderful

Meet unexpectedly your that day, a ginkgo falls to be on my head fitly, the ginkgo that hears you to stepping on layer cascade to fold falls Xie Cong goes after I am dead, I inspect you, inspect sunshine to take off the flirtatious lamina that appear again, completely all docile just now good.

Ginkgo fizzled out, I borrow waiting for you

Wait for you all the way

The spring with first fight farewell

On November 30

We make an appointment all the way " wild goose brook is antediluvian take a picture section "

Can good?

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