Henan this low-key Gu Cheng, already had 500 old histories, underground still has

 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Most bizarre is, the world of that ancient countryside borrows bury hiding 6 ancient countryside, declare Shang Qiu is crossed 6 times by Yellow River embezzle the least and hold water from the beginning rise. Existent ancient countryside is to be built at Ming Daihong to treat year a countryside of heart government office between, be apart from ancient already had 500 old, ancient countryside format is saved without be short of.

The countryside building of door of ancient countryside north, nowadays once is face of scene of a travel, the passenger can buy a ticket to ascend countryside wall to admire scene. 6 of ancient country the world ancient countryside, take leave of is be built at Northen Song Dynasty should capital of north of weather government office, the Song Xiang during Sui Tang, the Sui in relief countryside during Qin Han, home village or town of capital of the Song Dynasty 6.

Existent ancient countryside, build at the Christian era first 1503, building of 9 years of ability when using is finished, the fellow-townsman area of door of 4 wall of in store countryside, countryside and chessboard type format, face of scene of a lot of travel is all dispersed be in fellow-townsman area.

Now in fellow-townsman area a few popularly close room once tore open change, of with generation the ancient formula that is bazoo of patina ancient gush is built, today nothing more than whole ancient countryside still is in the building of limits of the eve of the lunar New Year, the scene face that business grave ancient countryside can travel has 8 to shut fast, Zhang Xun word, should building of rural area of gate of courtyard of a book from heaven, north, Hou Fu.

Look down at business grave ancient countryside, in the circle inside the circle, as a fund of huge round Kong Yuan, contain day round location, 6 close to die, action money takes the idea of treasure. A lot of small when 93 streets tell a Qi Xiangpeng to be divided into 200 meters to see a circle, the format is like chessboard, call rural area of the Eight Diagrams again.