Lake of fir of pool of autumn scenery drunk beauty! The Chi Sha on the water with

 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Beautiful scenery surprises junglily on fire, 10 thousand birds break up those who fly is strong indelicate atmosphere, also absorbing fine to take a picture more the person's your gracious presence. net of such as bird (China most the home of the eve of the lunar New Year is dead avian take a picture website) battle is other take a picture on forum, those who quantity of the eve of the lunar New Year is setting with pool fir lake avian or scenery photograph, pool fir lake became friend of few much bird to contend for what eulogize to pat a bird to use up beautiful day already.

From 6 there enter scene area, should have taken off one the eve of the lunar New Year first by boat piece pond of carry on one's shoulder, accumulate in also very the eve of the lunar New Year, 2000 mus order about. Nothing more than that time lotus once left nowadays, remnant each seedpod of the lotus is swaying in wind. Before lasting, stop, go up in the fire that does not have vicinity borrow have a sign of the eve of the lunar New Year, writing below " Anhui bound " , read aloud to did not arrive to sitting over small rowboat all crosses a province actually. Total number of nearly of that Chi Sha forest is located in Anhui go installing churchyard. The end that brings sign in order to be all through the ages of garden of that dry the ruler of heaven also can departed.

The leaf that awaits that Chi Sha forest at that time once all bleached continuously at first, the spring scenery with Lin Zhong's gorgeous Can is appearing oily draw like thin heavy, a few birds are seeing when doing not have female playing in igneous middle reaches. Land with certain boundaries of fire of pool fir lake 1000 mus, multiplying to cease to death here without bird of the Lin Diao of tens of thousands of, fire, the excrement and urine of the bird is entered in entering a lake, although say alimentary pool fir battle is of all kinds of fish dead little, but the amount that is a bird if really is too much, the avian excrement and urine that the eve of the lunar New Year measures also was formed to lake fire purify.

For this, scene area specially invited the expert that metempsychosis of dry weather flames of war deals with cordially, of the expert give directions below, doing the act according to actual circumstances in the day in that rebuild pond of 1000 mus of carry on one's shoulder, it is useful build answer battle to expand be accumulated in dry sky, decrease act radius for cutout of duck of bird of of all kinds aigret, wild goose, assure diversity of dead animal of dry weather internal heat, two it is the eve of the lunar New Year such as grass of the lotus in pond of by process carry on one's shoulder, water lily, fire the self-purification function of quantity fire dead animal, the igneous body that rents pair of Chi Sha the lake stops periodic pollution.

That location called yellow the eve of the lunar New Year country fairdyke once upon a time, "Country fairdyke " a kind of in this annotate of that word, refer in particular to area of low valley of Chinese river the Huaihe River all around fireproof bank. Going up century 70 days once upon a time, besmear of a beach is over there, it is battle array if really low-lying, fire of dip of all the year round, no matter plow what, all give the results with have too good, papering a person that is over there to want a few someones only over meantime, of month of lack of all the year round must plant so that raise, day of a barren also was led to over there.

Authorities of this locality after faint introduced Chi Sha from next river district in Jiangsu. Chi Sha, the sort of tree is produced originally not from good country fierce benefit inferior city, the backbone holds out music, crown of a tree submits minaret form, cultivate the eve of the lunar New Year of Peng of dry basis ministry. Cultivate form dancing, branches and leaves is strange beautiful, arrived spring, leaf leads to palm Brown, it is indelicate enjoy cost very the gardens tree below is planted, exceed what is proper is appropriate at the sort of fire bank the circumstance of dry weather, arrive ceaselessly since 70 days 80 days, this locality is over there altogether grow order about 50 thousand times, accumulate in basket lid of Chi Sha arrived at more than 800 mus, fall last stage is some further year begin, nowadays of the forest on that fire in indigestion already surmounted 1000 mus.

That does the lackey of garden of the ruler of heaven now is one has deep love for this natural dying the dealer Han Huishan of voice, teacher of Han division commander has ceaselessly so a Hu Xiang, it is to read aloud search look for green fire of one round green hill, tear open hut of a cogongrass, wander willow is green pink, dialog 6 add up to life, return a home, time time natural, time time this me, be in very he is informed now and then opportunity authorities is right in start the activity that includes that forestry center. Meantime comes the time of check, the first he by so fir forest gives the pool that accumulates in the eve of the lunar New Year shake, be in consequently year old of end 2004, authorities of his battle this locality is signed open Bao Kaitong, be receive formally ran that dry day.

Arrive from 2004 nowadays full in 13 years, his battle his group surrounds how better shelter Chi Sha forest, how better shelter is avian, did the business that the eve of the lunar New Year estimates. Purchased from the day such as Jiangsu, Anhui again far cedar of 20 thousand pools stops reseed. Time did not carry intended person on the back, just be those who had them is assiduous without lax, just had so strong tomorrow the forest on an indelicate fire, those flyer also had the aspiration native place that they perch.

The newest inquiry that occupies Anhui forest to move a courtyard visits battle statistic, garden of that dry the ruler of heaven distributes in all dimension is in charge of an animal 60 divisions 154 belong to 194 kinds; Fish 8 eye 15 divisions 43 kinds; Two climb kind of 4 eye 8 divisions 18 kinds; Beasts 5 eye 5 divisions 13 kinds; Avian 13 eye 32 divisions 102 kinds, this China spends two class to weigh shelter plant 13 kinds. Approve from garden of provincial 2012 dry the ruler of heaven build in order to go, the cutout inside dry weather decreased Zuo of horn of cygnet battle west two kinds of country two class shelter is avian.

Because not was eventually, passenger actually not much, passengers take the lake of fir of pool of boat of dynamoelectric boat extensive over there, enjoying that one little some well.

Divide forest the bird daughter that middle reaches plays, the Hei Lufei that there also can be group when sky of look down at is done not have passes.

Do garden of the ruler of heaven because of that in accumulate very the eve of the lunar New Year, the passenger is tearing open the environmental protection that takes scene area to ferry between the face of a few scene inside scene area car, if make,can walk along fine multichannel less. That is the fare that propose is torn open to wait with bamboo inside scene area booth, settle on comes very beautiful.

Because Chi Sha's transplant is right season, circumstance is harmonious the request that await very below, also not was in order to be survival rate very below, scene area delivered financial capacity of battle of the labor power that the eve of the lunar New Year measures, material resources. With those pool cedar that already survived, endure make went out that permeate is all nowadays nowadays the Chi Sha inn with Lin Yiqian little rice tells small Chi Sha.

That dry weather from departed unluckily at the corner not apply 1000 mus, to tomorrow exceed of two provinces far 6000 mus. The scenery also is to become better, departed the Chi Sha that wants a this dead state only forest, there is pond of 1000 mus of carry on one's shoulders, Xiaochi nowadays little corridor of fir forest, water lily, medium the river draw corridor natural condition that still saves this dead condition feature is indelicate.

An Buzheng is told in inn of that pool fir, the water lily that declines is completely in the lake, the water lily that reads aloud to did not arrive over there, it is so good to be in what that season borrows nowadays.

Hearing of the water lily over there is the frigid zone water lily that introduces from Thailand, not only glorious is gorgeous, and build very the eve of the lunar New Year.

The crocodilian Tan inside scene area, there are a few crocodiles to climb to basking below on central isle.

They about the circumstance over there already custom, of the passenger promote to the common that goes also can not affecting it.

The current year opens garden of dry the ruler of heaven of lake of that pool fir formally, entrance ticket has a side small expensive, but of scene fact assist.