Xinjiang this place, arrive from wet poor village travel resort, greet the most b

 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Mention Xinjiang, the desert warfare that each one city studies a wide expanse of flat land is numerous the desert of boundless, be in the inherent thought of each one, fire, did not belong to Xinjiang, as if to there is the day that make one's home very easily in Xinjiang, but the brigade of this Xinjiang, the tradition that broke through me is indelicate read aloud, let me be being affected in feeling magnificent strong good desert at the same time, those who borrowed feeling to affect lake light to billow is quiet, captured a paragraph of cover is sufficient valuable warm time.

Along laky bring a situation, crystal lake fire takes blue sky be in harmony to be an organic whole, if do not have the snow mountain lay off that is vicinity to tell clear dividing line to be restricted, use up pair of results that can attain water day a gleam of. Nothing more than among Na Chunjing, borrow the guy that has an eyeball that deprive a person, that is bulrush, golden bulrush swings along with wind, music is held out to sit below some, some follows wind dump, graceful much appearance, absolutely factitious. Muddy wind stroke passes, bulrush follows lake fire all the way on any account swings, concealed is gotten very piquant, right now now, time is decided it seems that case common, let a person times feeling happy and pleased with oneself.

Vicinity, the Heng Yu assuming of a few white blue alternate with is particularly provoking fix eyes upon, girl odour divides a side and go, imagine very easily, be like the well day that make, borrow be like,can see this the girl's element, let person line person actually anew, large and small of Heng Yu the eve of the lunar New Year is small, interlocking, composition negotiates the vision line of bright and beautiful, rustic smoke from kitchen chimneys waves in the wind, pass the ululation of gallinaceous duck accidentally, it is the Chun Jing with summary concealed originally hot chilly in a moment, cutout added a vigor.

Be over there, can see Mu Jiale, peasant family happy inorganic of Home Le Zhanyu is concomitant, get a day to fight day of dead state case thinly alone, for the home dead floral feed created connate inferior position, the igneous capital of plentiful and substantial more of fishery begin laid a foundation bedrock, extremely the eve of the lunar New Year lashed of this locality economy begin, be over there, can see the trace such as bare sheldrake, yellow duckling, borrow the warm weather that can see live nearby or in the neighborhood, the snow mountain of vicinity is giving honest appearance in the reflection of light in lake fire, the message is repeatedly, infatuation letting a person is done not have already.