Wuhan provides award of Yan Zhishu inn most, I want to promulgate geometrical boo

 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Wuhan green day is flowery country stop business truly that day, when I walk into the inn of that family letter of 4 buildings, aside client battle I called in at the same time deep feeling: Yan Zhi is good below ah ~~ !

Taking its to is inn of one family letter then, not was like that more the civilized space that resembling is mouth of a satisfactory and satisfactory paste, burnt mouth space. How many bookshop more agree in former days the nature of be current answer open a space: Book, article is achieved, the put together that wait drives tea service, salon, coffee body.

How many bookshop also is one gets drunk of type literary good teach an experience the house. read aloud in order to be promulgate " provide Yan Zhi award most " to how many bookshop, it is if really be over there, not disappear filter lens, take the appearance that all is an aspiration burnt mouth everywhere.

If you read aloud to be in the coffee gush bazoo of dense,peaceful is browsed, or it is to read aloud overshoot one paragraph clutchs satisfactory time, all be appropriate over there. What already progressively promotion becomes the concept of the bookshop to experience to papering a mouth is multidimensional spend version. How many bookshop ases if is nab that one side, start the tentative plan of space, having sth new with silent mood, article, drawing the eye of contact crowd.

Await accidentally think, honest not be scared of cost of disappear the eve of the lunar New Year goes hold a conference or consultation is alleged fact of Yan Zhishu inn is the photography that endure card still be the result that sees a book browse. The expression of magnanimity appreciate good thing goes out, fine fine sample appreciate circuit, "Autograph to " cheerful day goes expression, also be experience of a kind of inerrable. "The book over there does not have a fault seemingly, civil achieve meaning having a side, coffee is heard case go very spray is nasal, that tea service looks at good be fond of. . . . . . " inner plan is being drawn, etc next time labor is abundant borrow want to go!