Inheritance of ancient saline of Hainan Dan city the craft 100000

 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Ancient saline of foreign riverside chiliad, be located in the northeast place of foreign riverside peninsula, adjacent new flower bay, city of the state that be apart from Dan stops politics intermediate that the eve of the lunar New Year presses down seven meters. Saline always in accumulate 750 mus, the chamfer of inkstone type salt that has out of the ordinary of 1300 many appearance. It is China's earliest insolation makes saline range over there, also be China saves this ancient salt field that insolation creates saline style first at first. Be over there, the harbor of contemporary port foreign riverside that is business of day and night at the same time, it is the ancient saline of precipitation chiliad at the same time, classic take be now over there confluence is done not have each again mobbish.

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Enter into saline area, can see the saline chamfer with small large and small of on 1000 the eve of the lunar New Year into the eye row upon row of, fall by battle array collect seaside, look be like a disorder not to have a chapter, be like again mark can be looked for. Pitch-black saline chamfer is like inkstone, concave and convex rise heavy, interlocking, resemble the Chinese draw of a pair of thick Zhu Chongcai. Differential is, went 100000, salt is versed in people it is with bittern fire bright red, day of the eve of the lunar New Year is paper, making paint on stone chamfer. Sea wind insolation used method of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease to that pair of draw, let crystal saline fire hangs down hang down coagulate the saline bead of Cheng Ying Hei Ruyu.

Walk into labyrinthian salt to tell, seem to walk into the historical records that a paragraph of dirt opens. Sea wind raw meat or fish is salty, wave is heavy emerge, on the way green immortal palm, protecting that hot land calmly. Stale saline is in all round of next buildings according to mirror below, assuming is special vicissitudes of life of of primitive simplicity. Chamfer of black lubricious salt, gules sea salt, formed intense vision to collide. Need not the tourist guide explains, already shook deeply to person belt, labour of salt of deep feeling foreign riverside innovates natural effort, battle back is natural denounce those who take is intelligent.

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Money of evening of fire of morning of foreign riverside saline

Foreign riverside is taken travelling in order to go since ancient times so a word " foreign riverside saline, money of morning fire evening " , a word is told gave saline worker to make sea ammunition the course that salt changes money. But in ideal, the craft that make salt is not actually " money of morning fire evening " so austere.

Borrow when day of the eve of the lunar New Year sweet sleep, assiduous salt is versed in people already removed head fatigue to do. Ancient magic art builds saline miscellaneous drab, circular move back and forth. They are used little little wood is made smooth with a rake, the sea mud air that opens black color is basked in, be like farmer serve to get the black territory under one's control that he loves greatly. The sea of water hill grey battle that ropy sea mud full dew piles up millions upon millions years is sanded, adsorptive salinity ability is extremely strong, sea fire is refluent had overflowed sea mud, sea fire is retreated, salinity stayed to be in sea mud. Sea mud should be being basked in below fervent sun's rays 3 days two, saline labour all should be made smooth with a rake on a few times every day, let sun bask in it divide evenly music comes fully dry. Filter beforehand already exhibited a dry cogongrass, cutcha sea mud is put into filter to step on narrow blundering, filter into sea fire. Dry cogongrass is like fine-toothed comb kind, filter sea fire to below one bittern fire pool gradually.

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That course wants to wait again last 34 days. After 34 days, salt is versed in people according to experience, throw on one paragraph of native to cry toward igneous pool " yellow croaker Ci " careless bine. If going up in fire, careless bine float declares saline fire chroma once arrived at 80%~85% , can go up saline chamfer is basked in built. If careless bine sinks to declare the opportunity that evaporate brine in the sun to make salt borrows, borrow demand to expect saline fire evaporate receives precipitation continuously. Float of more careless than reaching bine was not sinking in fire, can fire of the bittern since dip, irrigate on saline chamfer, have a next process. That completely, of comply with all is stale pass opened skill.

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Ancient salt is versed in people go to do endure the stone chamfer that grind to pass open chiliad, acting acting according to legend, contemporary salt is versed in people, those who use still is 1200 before the saline chamfer that forefathers has used. The sort of salt chamfer all around fall slightly, central protruding is entered did not arrive thin a thin centimeter, reading aloud is the best standard that the salt when former times reachs after experiment of know exactly about sth of labour fall last stage surely, the special construction of stone chamfer makes the insolation that bittern fire suffers average, benefit closes at evaporate. Need to be being irrigated on saline chamfer only on the bittern fire that has precipitated, other give time. The cordial sunshine battle on sea north island from maritime the sea wind that blows is the activator with bittern best fire, they take away fire to divide, crystallization of fire letting bittern becomes salt. Falling in scorching sun, bittern fire can let lead to salt between one favourable geographical position. Arrived towards evening, hei Ruxue, fine the saline bead that is like cotton is showing brilliant light below setting sun, resemble the flower that declines on stone. Salt is versed in people the salt that gets on saline chamfer with splint is blown seriously below, put into bamboo basket, carry in coming home, expect bribe business comes bribe. 2008, the sea salt of Dan city is basked in built craft to be elected as the second batch of country to be not directory of bequest of civilization of goods and materials, whole saline all belongs to unit of shelter of state level culture.

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That is " foreign riverside saline, money of morning fire evening " go all previous, the salt that artillery piece of those ancient magic art make, trade a money, change will come tomorrow things, change a village popularly close people paper a mouth adorably.

It is dead with salt to face with the sea

Building the saline village that makes sea salt is the boreal bank village of Dan city example, open the door see the sea, it is with the sea face, it is dead with salt. The changes in human affairs often take freakish, saline village builds saline craftsman to have 339 about now, produce per year salt to make an appointment with 500 tons. Divide the craft that make salt, village fellow borrows go to sea fish, run seaborne reach deal with manson foot art. Hear, for commend virgin insolation makes the saline village person of saline law, muddy morning copy out of pen of drive of female grand the emperor " heart " the village of board award saline of two words, with former times of accept as a souvenir when virgin evaporate brine in the sun to make salt the ancestral Tan Zhengde of craft, saline village cries ceaselessly heart village, the ability after music is built to new 1949 China more renown.

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That village that use stone load one's writing with fancy phrases and becomes, the wall the eve of the lunar New Year of old house is much with the eve of the lunar New Year with boreal particular bank piece Wu Yan cut endures Wu Seyan grind cause for the brick. The Wu Shi that down to has some of old house gives end having fall to endure grind, become a wall by its appearance base secondhand however, craft is peculiar. Stop to be in saline village, joint of bones of wall of the old room that can see everywhere, courtyard, knack, millstones, rice is waited a moment etc, all cause by Wu Shi.

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In the small shop of scene area edge, have bag tear open dead condition salt to betray. The sort of ancient magic art is miscellaneous salt of nature dead condition, salty spend moderate, the heart feels dinkum, grain is little and average. It did not resemble city on the road thick salt, salty austere and cloddish. If you try,hold in mouth or eyes is in one grain the tip of the tongue, can answer suffering somewhat, as if borrow can feeling affects those who acquire the of great capacity to suck inhale the scent with natural battle.

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Far year go, your kind effort of authorities of profit from this locality develops tourism, reduce strength of advocate of the eve of the lunar New Year, product of travel of deepness open up is added reduce a cost, present foreign riverside saline, passenger of insular the outside and the inside is consecutive, never-ending. Fire of lemon of fish of sea of of shrimp of of egg of of saline chicken, salt, salt, salt, old salt. . . . . . What decrease labour with sea salt etc is good feed obtaining over now begin, ancient saline enlivens from the beginning again piece exuberant vigor!