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Bitter north admires snow

Summertime bitter north goes at good! Some about, want to be in specific effort only, it just can exhibit the appearance that reveals confused branch pattern. If can come,suffer from north right now, meet not merely exclusive good view, lend the poetic flavour that has black snow frock empty spirit, can comprehend the believe in flavor that was not in to nowhere deep more. winter, will suffer from north, you can see more more is good from what already met.

Sufferring from north in winter, piece have embrace the stream of people that block up, no matter be scene face, still be the streets and lanes that did not became famous, you all can of as much as one likes pass through, copy out one small my bitter north story.

Each years came in November lie between year of winter that April is bitter north, the day of the eve of the lunar New Year of the snow of celestial battle Fu of azure blue, achievement multicolored season. In wintry night, sky of look down at, get drunk to be below the starlight cloth curtain of mystery, expecting lucky advent, xue Chen lonely does not have 1000 hill dusk row, completely good just now good.

Snow suffers from north mediumly,

White garment of 1000 Shan Heixue, Lama.

Flowery and herbaceous silver tears open former days element is wrapped,

3 rivers right now jade establishs the bank of one river carve fining jade.

Swim people custom the herbaceous luxuriant of phlogistic day, forest is flourish, numerous flower is like scene, lofty mountains finishs high, very few however somebody sees snow of the wind in winter be permeated with, the 3 rivers of Yu Shuqiong carve the bank of one river, like the fire that is a meaningful bright red draw coils.

The bitter north after snow,

Become silent to be done not have warm up however,

Solar pour into, galactic and bright.

Ice of a thousand li is opened, additional enchanting.

Good one clique has a feature extremely of rich glamour hide day scenery.

Bitter north of the summer does not have dormancy, good except appreciate the Xue Jingzhong of round of good Huan, of all kinds hide pass commentate teach Buddhist ceremony act to also surprising in that abstruse time is consecutive show, two months of meeting of law of wool orchid Mu, laws are met, when annulus King Kong law is met etc, all be rare good experience.

Word of the first month of the lunar year suffers from north

If bitter north of Xia Chun can let a person be in carefree 6 close put flying ego, that end winter autumn bitter north can let you be being circled in Sang Yanxuan in the degree that comprehends death. Wintry autumn goes sufferring from north, of your demand it is one only not merely the heart that takes, and more of demand is you borrow so that taking the humanitarian feelings in that heart to step on that domain, it is if really over there shake overly.

Suffer from north, this holy area that covers dense religion atmosphere, be in the Buddhist day Sukhavati with abstruse glamour, art of a person that take a picture is achieved those who do is celestial. There is suffering, blueness over there, plain of district hide a group of things with common features Bo Lengsi is pushed among religious battle civilization, have temple of wood of man of small town of Swiss amorous feelings, have the Sichuan case that lies between river photograph to inspect the temple end me. Autumn holiday period, the law of the eve of the lunar New Year of Mao Lan Mu with grand limits of manage of each temple head priest of a temple meets: Look up Buddha, Ming Baofang dance of classics of dead, argue, law jumps, ghee flower show... each days hide a group of things with common features faithful doubt apprentice, without close a thousand li, carry female belt female, knock little head, turn classics annulus, display disaster of hada, pray to borrow wish.

Walk into law of Mao Lan Mu to meet

Invocatory law meets the first month of the lunar year, hide language call " Mao Lan Mu " . Rise early from the first day of the lunar month of month of the first month of the lunar year, to the first month of the lunar year 16 days go. Meantime the partial bonze of each fane, should be in every day classics of Song of hall of classics of the eve of the lunar New Year 6, in this it is prayer the 4th times only, devotional power of Buddha often is in, callosity installs peaceful, the whole nation peacefuls etc. At the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 8 days are held " put dead " , asperse to the horse that has made preparations, ox, sheep on clear water, waiting in colored ribbon of the strung on ear hind let slip, the horse that in every case is put dead, ox, sheep, did not allow anyone hunt and. The first month of the lunar year is held 13 days " bright Buddha " , tens of measure little embroider makes figure of Buddha, exhibit hang basking in Buddha stage, monk few plays Song bathing classics, masses silent, huge of ostentation and extravagance. 14 days are held jump law ball. 15 days early hold ghee flower to offer the lantern show, bonze builds the ghee flower that do, hall of classics of old locate the eve of the lunar New Year all around, offer on ghee lamp, make ghee is spent more concealed must glow. The match is chosen each other after exhibiting, place a place. 16 days " turn Maitreya " , monk few is carrying Maitreya Buddha, accompanying achieve to fall in band, wind temple a week, will come in order to show Buddha Maitreya will troubled times.

Look up Buddha

1929, " London message draw signs up for " on published what a Oriental mankinds teach the home to be in China to see hear. The atmosphere that that person that teach was sufferring from temple of respectful eminent monk to see one act make him be surprised -- the person of countless is hanging the giant basketwork worship that attending in bluff to a pair of condole. He is opposite in the title of that article consequently that one ceremony stopped a humor form appearance: "The worship on bended knees carrying a ceremony on the head about great arras " (Adoration Of A Sacred Tapestry) . And the bizarre celebration of appearance of that his form, it is to hide really of the day " section of look up Buddha " also cry " the section that bask in Buddha " , admittedly, it is his eye is medium.

" London message draw signs up for " the article that go up

Each fane all have bitter north of bitter north of period of each years of the first month of the lunar year bask in Buddha, 13 summer river turns the first month of the lunar year city of the temple that predict arris runs the red-letter day with grand limits, it is to suffer from north to hide a group of things with common features masses most expect, the royalest, most the festival of huge! The division that bask in Buddha calls Buddha of bath of battle of section of Buddha of look up of bright Buddha section the section again. The section that bask in Buddha is the life that they respect Buddha, that day, hide a group of things with common features masses apparels of the festival decline tear open, one the eve of the lunar New Year makes preparations early to the fane of this locality bask in Buddha. After the celebration that bask in Buddha starts, lama of at first the eve of the lunar New Year guides monk few what collect in fane is gigantic a brocade the figure of Buddha that knit embroider (it is giant Tang Ka, make the same score daily always furl go to what preservation shelters) carry go out to be shown at capacious doubt few is being reached below blue sky Bai Rizhi in before, make male doubt of arrogate to oneself female worship on bended knees of indelicate look up, next Buddha of assist of monk few eulogy is meddlesome, read aloud bathing classics, 10 thousand few silent. Those are gigantic a brocade of cloth draw battle the figure of Buddha that knit embroider, art of singing is elegant, glorious is gorgeous, artistic cost very below, some still is the national treasure of country. that great time, hide loyally popularly close prostrate is before figure of Buddha, the day when doing not have kowtows head, heart Song lection, the help that beg obtains Budda protects expectation family burnt mouth is in good health. The celebration that bask in Buddha will be successive a few moment, the figure of Buddha that common people will basked in after shudders the day furls, carrying Buddha winding fane to turn enough 3, find a place for it to this place next, the celebration that bask in Buddha ends.

To hiding a group of things with common features masses people and row

Section of look up Buddha is their faithful to believe in battle gather read and revise

To taking a picture person and row

Section of look up Buddha is infrequent capture the inning of outstanding and humanitarian image

Jump law dance

Jump law dance law is met, the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar 14 it is a when law of the eve of the lunar New Year of much fane of bitter north few meets main content. After joyful noise has serious way, of bonze band accompany achieve to fall, what provide in the move is abbe according to hide pass what start of Shi Jiaoyi course is full of dense religion color to dance, by process turns round buckjump dance, abstract day carries religion of indelicate few report on the back, baconian the drive that divide demon story, prayer peacefuls one new year in good health. Law dance is had terminal hide a group of things with common features dancing charm, be a kind fine mad, the show of word of personification of delay of a person of extraordinary powers, its raised character is by provide in the process, abstract introduce person standing, evil foot of arrogate to oneself is lubricious, the sort of dancing buckjump extent the eve of the lunar New Year, turn round much, warning popularly close a dancing lofty quality, baconian the drive that divide demon story, prayer peacefuls one new year in good health. Also make divine dance, say together " section of law dance sorcerer's dance in a trance " , dance person what the act with very powerful force of by process abstraction goes conveying pair of New Year is wonderful and invocatory.

Ghee flower show

Propagandist, huang Jiao initiates noise made in coughing or vomiting of person an administrative unit in Xizang cling to Chen Hua of consecrate of Budda of the back when great master reads aloud to spending the New Year, but winter goes out have Chen Hua. A day of his dream is seen build with ghee do flower. Henceforth, the sort of new-style flower was born on the world -- ghee is beautiful. Creating the first situation that does ghee flower is, falling in the construction of palm feet, this year ghee spends hold a conference or consultation theme. The second pace, ghee of before dismantling one year is beautiful, so that batter operates again. The 3rd pace is to use branch, iron wire go to become framework. It is to do an embryo later -- do ghee to spend. Built at first each years on October 15 do, the first month of the lunar year that reachs the second year continuously ceaselessly 13. Also be to exhibit before two days to finish. That is a year of the hottest phase.

Ming Baojie

The first month of the lunar year of each years of the traditional Chinese calendar 14 busy straight county temple city holds the storehouse on the west the law of huge can fall with the ministry make one's rounds swims " Ming Baojie " ,

On the west storehouse temple ministry falls make one's rounds swims each years to fall by a ministry tectonic, 12 fall 12 years to circulate, and the beautiful and young a man that ministry fail in an imperial examination gives is taken off hang gem, hold a gun admire knife, alight, stepping pace of the eve of the lunar New Year, sending clansman circles a temple and stop, good strength, exhibit glamour, recall the time that thinks erst and martial person of exceptional ability. The ministry that take turns does a place of business falls all male man all want to participate in, they are worn colorful hide take with from " Ares " stop, and " bask in " the good-for-nothing or queer character that gives cadre to fall, hide a group of things with common features foot of male and female is grasped " little aegis " , billowy of it may be said of ostentation and extravagance of banner of battle of black classics long narrow flag queueing up.

Clear the wind that is like a knife, can cut off us hold read aloud. Those who push Bo Lengsi is abbe, white gown associate with, fine dirt was not hanged; On the west storehouse of the temple decline tear open, color is flowery, few dead exultation; Zagana's village, muddy common is well, soul is answered place. Without giving thought to how, we are unaltered reliance, in the heart of our itself, every time, carefully on purpose listen go the call from soul, become customer of snow of return journey wind.

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