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 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Hide on the west, look be like common excursion day, hiding however a lot of " of the world most " , and that bizarre domain became neat day issue god of people be charmed gallop day, in one day formed peculiar humanitarian flavor to take historical records culture.

On the world alone the circumstances of lithium of natural carbonic acid of one puts the saline that is in

Be located in China the saline of the Ye that plunge into cloth that churchyard of Zhong Ba county hides on the west is now the world on alone of one put with circumstances of lithium of natural carbonic acid saline, and it still is the saline of lithium of a rich dew, it is one of saline of lithium of on the world 3 the eve of the lunar New Year, of its lithium sample rank the world the second, china the first: At the same time the dew of cesium measures front of living also bound. The solid salt that tea of the Ye that plunge into cloth blocks kind source of material of die in the last ditch of capital, bittern fire capital very plentiful and substantial, having very main operate cost. And shut the achievement now at it to borrow have firm final conclusion, have two kinds of explanatory note, one kind is lake of " ancient the eve of the lunar New Year into mine actual " , one kind is " multistage saline becomes saline form " .

Tea of the Ye that plunge into cloth gets stuck not merely about is beautiful, borrow the mineral products that having plentiful and substantial, admittedly the saline that fine much person all has seen Qinghai, but that saline fire hides on the west the quantity is more crystal emerald green blue, main is to go out have too much guest, the chasteness of conjunctive nature. Everyone goes necessarily read aloud, on living group ridge of a house, borrow the capital that can be like Xu Gui to weigh to put, its broad, clean, good it is to do not have a law to go with camera account, some scene can imprint only probably saving in itself brain, make an image.

Altitude undermost railroad

Blueness hides railroad one day of the road say, result Qinghai visits Xining town, it is very main into hide road. That railroad is the altitude on the world most below, going up in frozen earth this itinerary and least railroad, it is Chinese new century one of projects of 4 the eve of the lunar New Year. Blueness hides railroad was leaving 1958 build, who builds equipment to do not have prosperous years in A, blueness hides railroad can is a marvellous spectacle, assemble the fire of intelligent battle sweat of worker of know exactly about sth.

The world altitude most fall to standing in sprinkler

As our country new century the of one blueness of project of 4 the eve of the lunar New Year hides railroad, its tremendous need not much talk, put it allowing when to be awaited is all worth while to allowing when to be awaited all people eulogize. And going up in that railroad, a next altitude sprinkler stood to enter people to be in the line of sight, it is Tang Gu turns a station, altitude arrives at 5068 meters. It is good to can seeing over fine is much scene, toward east looking is the snow mountain with good show, the Qiang pond that looking toward north is a wide expanse of flat land is herbaceous, and can see toward north richly Tang Gu turns mountain, hide in order to be as blueness the main and indelicate smooth station on railroad road, absorbed more and more person to be being fixed eyes upon then.

Did not go those, hide on the west borrow those who have few much the world most: Altitude undermost palace; The world the first peak; The gorge of the eve of the lunar New Year with the darkest the world. . . . . . Etc. Hide on the west can draw the eye below Qi Tian, it is those head only not merely, more it is the finite glamour that itself hides to have on the west.