This Chinese place is really encircle pink by actual strength, the Yan Zhi in the

 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

More and more nowadays compatriots travelled inside absorption Yu Hai, after all the good land of the eve of the lunar New Year of our homeland also has  result fine is much, scene one side also does not have those vast scene areas outside be defeated, especially the area is vast, day appearance is strong of plentiful and substantial of indelicate, capital hide on the west, his palace cloister, snow mountain puts a lake on the ice to wait, a year of the four seasons all enough makes person end dead be written down easily, that end does our deserve come to that winter what location?

Shut Yu Xueshan:

1, Mount Everest

As well-known the world the first peak, zhumulangma is hiding a group of things with common features it is in myth the name is " goddess of day of the eve of the lunar New Year " goddess, come from the stale preach that turns custom mountain chain at shutting Yu Xima first " long-lived 5 day daughter " , those 5 goddess all over the pure white Xue Feng that stay is fond of a horse to turn convention, battle of the domain that dead great master of their back lotus makes a pledge to want shelter you, masses commentate teach believe in, and Mount Everest just is the platoon in that 5 day daughter stops the abode of tertiary goddess.

2, Gangrenboqi

Gangrenboqi is the divine hill with accepted the world, at the same time by China Yong Zhong hides on the west benzene teaching, Hinduism, hide pass commentate religion, maintain those who be the world with ancient Jainism among. Neat peak of ridge benevolence wave is Chinese ridge the highest peak in a mountain range of De Sishan arteries and veins, china is best, one of 10 Fu Shan that make the person shakes.

The ground Founder of the mystery of divine hill depends on, in the rising sun of hill all the year round firn was not changed, black snow is pure white; And Shan Yang a li, do not have snow all the year round, even if by Hei Xue basket lid, the sun, immediately is fused, take the eve of the lunar New Year natural general rule is apropos and contrary. Let a person have to bestrew the faithfulness like religion to take open-eyed.

3, boreal Jia cling to made of baked clay

The happy horse of high and steep turns custom mountain chain, meeting below the state mostly the lukewarm dry air current that obstruct the indian ocean goes, make plentiful and substantial of rainfall of side of mountain range north, boreal side is absolutely and as dry as a chip little rain. The sort of state is in the boreal north slope of Mount Everest very relatively move, but fruit common rash hide cloth river starts from boreal Jia Ba Wafeng, pushing custom mountain chain to be cut in happy horse tell gorge of the eve of the lunar New Year, let giant igneous steam be able to back of gorge of by process the eve of the lunar New Year hides on the west important place is carried, consequently city of all Lin Zhi all became the frigid zone that hides on the west.

Gorge of that the eve of the lunar New Year is boreal Jia Ba Wafeng, it is neat ball altitude ranks the peak of the 15th, by " Chinese country astronomy " judge for " Chinese best snow mountain " , over there summit glacier forceful, shell is beautiful, mist often says between hill convolute, and vegetation exuberance is below hill river north hides on the west, scene is beautiful.

Shut Yu Bingchuan:

1, 40 glacier

40 glacier, alias arrange Jia Bingchuan, altitude 5300 meters, be located in county of checkpost of billow of hill north district hides to take on the west without red territory all around, few is much more downhill in glacier, 40 glacier concealed must do not have an eye very much, going up in limits absolutely and lesser, but scope is admittedly little, however 5 clean all are neat, lake of moraine, moraine, put tongue, serac forest, breast glacial a bell on the ice, hole of the lake in glacial crack, ice, ice is waited a moment all-embracing, 40 glacier are place of now within the country degree of undermost is stood by in foregone glacier, complete can rectify interval personal fight, and without demand any major are deployed.

2, rice piles glacier

Rice caboodle glacier is located in rare county of wave of Lin Zhi district hides on the west east the Yu Pucheng rice that arranges 100km place piles a village, be the mainest land glacier hides on the west, also be the glacier of lowest of the altitude on the world, by " Chinese country astronomy " judge for one of glacier of China's best 6 the eve of the lunar New Year. Rice piles 6800m of altitude of glacier the highest peak in a mountain range, snow line altitude wants 4600m only, terminal altitude 2400m, below glacier paragraph take off stop to be taken at mixed forest of needle broad leaf, high and steep of Shan Xiongwei of two side the eve of the lunar New Year is abrupt, wonderful artical excelling nature, crisscross of mist of snow mountain war cloud is in all the way, if the dream is like unreal, surprising not already. Climb an iceberg to have inevitable request to brawn, need to take the recruit such as food, fire, advertent heat preservation.

3, go Gu Bingchuan

Go Gu Bingchuan is the world one of glacier of 3 the eve of the lunar New Year, it is handkerchief grand hides the springhead of cloth, inpour of fire of be in harmony of ice and snow like that black lake, lakefront is a flourish Chu Conglin, borrow have fine many first hide a group of things with common features village, go Gu Cun, hiding the meaning of language is the village like source of the peach in the world that hiding, the first catch a glimpse of go Gu Bingchuan as before present one beauty suddenly male a Leng Yan.

Going personally Gu Cun, you can see good Xi Bingchuan, common at the same time the Long Bingchuan, glacier that be like arrogant, east glacier, hero decreases glacier of glacier battle oxen and hores-beeasts of burden, it is everything if really those glacier all are surrounding to go Gu Cun, be called in order to be them to go by people interconnected system Gu Bingchuan. The common Long Bingchuan that at hillock Shandong carries Rigabu to amount to 12 kilometre less is become to death in this most richly, it from altitude many meters 6000 the highest peak in a mountain range, lengthen what altitude orders about 4000 meters to go by the side of Gu Cun ceaselessly, " of the moraine in the " of quarrel alternate with is in for it again grand in the center plus a few minutes multicolored, other glacier is very good-looking obtain.