The area of 5A class scene with Anhui announce only city, it is ancient dorp of t

 Industry News     |     November 22, 2019

Be in my eye, if make a paint,Anhui ases if is in, the Heng Yu with made of baked clay ash of one flickering black wall sets off one another at green hill between green fire, if contemporaneity is medium peach cause is common. There is a lot of to be like a lot ancient village in Anhui, deck at green hill luxuriantly green, world of involuntary discharge of urine and from force, can is god of the place in each individual dream gallop location, I also ever crossed Anhui a lot of ancient villages, particularly right image of dragon plain village is most thorough.

And be during Ming Dynasty dragon plain village was formed at all " ship " appearance, if can be invented from the word that looks down at in sky, village of Long Chuan of Qu Zhixi day still conjunctive " boat form village " appearance. Now, dragon brook village already made division of scene of travel of country AAAAA stage, namely area of scene of accomplishment brook Long Chuan, the civilized secret that sinceres greatly with its is heard, the mountains and rivers-land that the tile of black wall ash of of primitive simplicity builds Ji Jili is good scene, drew name of admire of a lot of passengers and go.

Enter into area of Long Chuan scene, common all be along Long Chuanxi the igneous street of two side travels, the ancient village that the igneous street over there crosses with coming before somewhat difference, borrow over igneous street build have a small kiosk, be just like that booth that be like a heart to look to compare force stale admittedly, but scrutiny gives a person however feel very novel. There is court in the coping setting of kiosk, and court borrows a setting to one is in igneous Jian canister aside, come up against canisters of next wet fire Jian to be able to coach pluvial fire sheds next fire to tell in the center, borrow at the same time have medicinal powder the meaning of money.

Dragon plain village comes ancient in store few is much ancient build, ancient pailou, and when come to go up at all in former days the appearance with last conjunctive, admittedly also the branch is put of certain level destroy, but the of primitive simplicity that still did not affect its group and good impression. Area of dragon plain scene takes grand village, give on the west waiting for ancient village to be likened to is more low-key than force, commerce changes taste also was not too relatively move.

The special local product of village of the Long Chuan since the path, what have to carry is over there " rice paper " , be over there can not merely can indelicate those who read rice paper make circuit of art of charge for the making of sth. , borrow can kiss body check to build make rice paper. Rice paper, embellish Zhu Xing is very good, and more durable than force, did not become angry simply, have " the king in paper " beautiful praise, all also be bookman coquettish person writes in order to go ceaselessly the secondary that makes paint uses paper.

Go dragon plain village, lane of Yi world a high official in ancient China should have a look necessarily, that is a Ming Jiajing year the hangover between, to ancient already had 400 old historical records, personal details of wind storm rain of hundreds years and pay destroy, lane of Yi world a high official in ancient China also becomes tilting state already, supporting those who make to did not fall with Tie Zhu now, look to go the extensive with special assuming is baronial gas, it is ancient badge city most one of pailou of exquisite stone carving, the mark memory that also is Long Chuan village is built.

Lane of Yi world a high official in ancient China, what Hu Fu of Hu Zongxian battle builds the poor that is this locality, whole pailou is a 4 column the construction of 3 5 buildings, more than meters below 10, having in the middle of pailou " favour is withered " board, a side borrows inscribe to have " minister of the eve of the lunar New Year " model of written characters. Those who give a person feel to divide strong indelicate in, the hollow out anaglyph on pailou also is the choiceness with special assuming, exterior lifelike, few of ancient badge city should be belonged to in rocky pailou thick tasted doing.

Go dragon plain village, a few big nomen curtilage also accident often is worth to come, the tea business that is just like badge city to became famous Hu Bingheng reason curtilage, concealed at ancient live among civilian area, the door head that its door head takes common someone admittedly is a little divisional, but the party looks to go of the person feel to be enraged without the eve of the lunar New Year admittedly, however assuming is especially other and novel. Nothing more than, we arrive that is borrowing curtilage that day be in shelter phase, do not have a law to enter inside sightseeing, courtyard wall is forceful, a copy kept as a record looks to did not arrive exterior, more regretful than force.

Admittedly regretful, but if see " ancestral hall of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad family name " hind, before can be being swept not cheerful. Ancestral hall of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad family name, build at Song Dai first, be in after Jia Jing year a personal details extend, rebuild between muddy Guang Xunian, but its main body is built still badge clique builds conjunctive during bright generation lofty quality, it is exterior photograph edge only the lofty quality during muddy is acting. Look from inside, all ancestral hall builds upturned eaves to become warped horn, very the eve of the lunar New Year is angry, have " river north the first ancestral temple " beautiful praise.

Zhan Tianyuan of ancestral hall of that introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad family name 3 mus, sit boreal morning north, around 3 into, walk into a courtyard to fall in the center, the atmosphere that sees before ases if take the ancestral hall with much fine to having relatively of the move divisional, the courtyard falls two side are little corridor, wall hang oneself hangs the well-known figure on historical records of family member of family name having moustache, work to avoid pluvial fire to drench wooden post erode, in order to be medium the stone post that the post of side all uses.

In dividing built choiceness, the woodcarving over there also is to be used up, no matter be Fang of forehead of the eve of the lunar New Year, dougong, sparrow,replacing still is column plinth, every place all is having exquisite woodcarving, or deep anaglyph, or bas-relief, or hollow out anaglyph, or float engrave is repeatedly, the wood that sees us ases if total number all stopped thick fine carve, those who use up concealed woodcarving is good, also have for ancestral hall of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad family name if really " woodcarving is artistic only content house " , " Chinese ancient ancestral temple is used up " beautiful praise.

Admittedly, dragon plain village lends the view that a lot of is worth travel the face, be just like Hu Zongxian to keep government office, town less virtuous ancestral temple, Ling Shanan, of hill of circumjacent Long Chuan strange good view of beautiful mountains and rivers-land also is worth seek by inquiry one time. Did not know, do you have will pass without the hearsay or cross that ancient village? Right over there is there what impression? Send off takes a criticism oh ~