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Few place week knows, chinese historical records is long, the be pregnant with on vast domain the ancient ease that much more civilized secret smells fine to sincere greatly. District of northeast of battle of You Yijiang north is dispersed and most, reservation is not had most be short of. With in, Zhou Zhuang, black town... notting have was not black of little bridge filariasis, whitewash a wall made of baked clay, upturned eaves becomes warped straight alley of horn, little market, the odour verve of ancient town is long, let a person how to also look not apply.

Of ancient town live civilian the eve of the lunar New Year is to go more from Shandong, little section goes from Guangdong, deal comes go on false contain thereafter. Be in Guangxi for the day if really, chuang village all is all around, it is good to want raise only village of a the Han people, it is strong the Han nationality that the city sees less lives scattered day. Wear if really that peculiar historical records, the burnt mouth stylistic rules and layout of the Han nationality of Yang Jiali conjunctive, the branch that also absorbed Chuang at the same time is outstanding and traditional, showed Chinese strong blending character.

Spread is good be like,be being resided nearly popularly also is this, build lofty quality to be affected civilizedly by Qilu, reach every aspect of a matter, cautious is decorous, also can see the traditional feature of sectional mountain north at the same time, meticulous in conceal is strange beautiful.

Regretful, the days of famine, it is Zhuang Ping if really easy close people all feed without allay one's hunger, want raise only very ancient town is unaltered and bustling, consequently Hanzhuang broke out inimical.

At the beginning of April 1949 9, union of 12 Chuang village rises all around, it is good to atttack raise all the way, water of the eve of the lunar New Year was burned full 3 days of 3 night. Fine is built more all by destroy by melting or burning, the bright whole that borrows reservation to go up nowadays is resided nearly popularly want many 700 only. Inimical achievement is make the best of both worlds, chinese strong both sides all casualties is bitter. Spread is good still put, but have a progressively decline.

To now, in former days the scenery is done not have already again, fine much National People's Congress without exception from already the hearsay passes the name with good spread. Dan Yang is good still conjunctive only during the bright muddy of remnant ancient street, ancient alley, ancient ancestral temple, Gu Miao, ancient curtilage, Gu Shu, ancient gate, ancient quay... bazoo of patina ancient gush, verve is infinite. Ever somebody if this eulogize: "Spread of north of laurel of laurel north in relief new moon is good " , extremely travel raise is very ancient the glamour of the town. You look, some tools, even if is battle also is taken did not go.

Walk into ancient town, there is word of 4 the eve of the lunar New Years on a pailou " raise is very ancient town " , carry people on the back grave day makes a pledge over there proud. Inside ancient town, bright muddy is ancient curtilage row upon row of. If willing, can multiply oxcart to get on Gu Zhenyou. Admittedly oxcart delay face, but if make gift more those build can fine fine appreciate beautifully.

Gu Zhenzhou meets with 6.5 narrow round kilometre, river of 3 lis of annulus. Cheng Lin of Gu Shucan day, green banboos, send the birthplace view of happy and pleased with oneself. Walk to be on satiny green flagging, can see stone carving of plinth of upturned eaves fastigium, Chen Zhuanjiu tile, column everywhere, they are appealing to with the everybody of a thing of past back of class refute in former days glorious.

Have few points, you went wanting to look necessarily.

As already commodity comes loose market day, raise ever had 8 ancient quay very much, the people before farmlanding is good to raise drive coming loose is landed from quay of ancient commercial port. At that time, cloud of the merchantman on Jiang Li comes loose, goods carry goes out into carry, very busy.

Now, also see again did not endure to small rowboat of boat of the eve of the lunar New Year endure squeeze crowded atmosphere, as long as that numerous Jiang Huoyong is long stream drip, dark green river bank often shine new, a flag is exhibited knack connects back Jiang Bian from temporary lodging during a trip, remembering the story of know exactly about sth.

Raise still has 8 quay nowadays very much, but built boiler bridge for Zun Jiang if really, embezzle the ancient quay of branch of sanded bank battle with good spread, all build in order to be quay of existing branch of the eve of the lunar New Year after faint.

Be likened to quay of ancient commercial port, quay of golden horse port is a lot of broader. Passenger ship borrows meeting near time carry goes to round people spread is good go, another wades it is good to receive a raise come.

Face river have a market, be called face river market, it is overall spread the quintessential place of very ancient town. That is built at the old street 1832, have more than 300 rice is little, the muddy acting inn that both sides is full of construction of wood of tile of blue bricks black, brick shops, be called again " muddy is acting a street " .

Of road head faced river street an arch over a gateway to already towered aloft hundreds of years.

It is in the market that faces river market use branch of confused of large and small enchase without delimit custom flag exhibit set and become, people classics year of lack month walk, grind flag satinily already. Walk to be in below, you feel itself appeared to jump over a certain Gu Zao's time. Of huge crowd of people fall its get on foliaceous deck, take bleak and chilly.

The street with abstruse miscellaneous is told, by green shade place colors, if be on two 3 people side by side, can think embrace.

Of street edge reside nearly popularly very stale, it is this juice this flavour day saved historical records.

Often can see it is good to teach gone raise write dead, they will be ancient of the town good the draw pen emersion that uses itself goes out, also let more people know raise it is good, good to comprehend raise.

Aweather of raise good Gu Zhenyi enrages of primitive simplicity, esteem Wen Shangde. Arrive when bright muddy, face river market only around gave 5 a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Tomorrow face borrow on river street have very of exceed what is proper build, call a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties house.

Interpret without real understanding, house of a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties is natural it is to had lived the house of a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties. House lackey is called Du Yuanqiu,

After that, du Yuanqiu is ceaseless stay hereat, "A successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties " continuous also lift up or let down with a rope hangs plaque to be over the door of the eve of the lunar New Year of house of a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties, revere for forefathers.

The house is occupied 356 narrow are accumulated in sky, divide into, the program opens manage, grain to act the role of choiceness. Admittedly a lot of how many detail all looks so that do not have very clear, but one side just as well hinders its secret hears deep earnest.

The reservation inside house of a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties has 3 swallow check. Forefathers: The swallow before hall of old times house, fly into home of ordinary common people.

Continuously the edge faces river market forth, a Ming Dynasty is resided nearly popularly. Exterior it is wooden construction, not disappear a nail. Inside house two lis advocate the wall all has 7 post, delegate of take leave of is dead, old, ill, bitter, die, dead, old.

Ming Dynasty borrows before close house popularly a muddy takes the place of to be resided nearly popularly, it is unified that two are resided nearly popularly door, just during the difference build.

Ming Dynasty is resided nearly popularly is board house, muddy generation is resided nearly popularly is bricky house, blue bricks black is made of baked clay, gutty and low-key composed.

The hall hall that next indoor issueing, the name says Lidetang, clew is worn people is advertent heart sex.

Raise has Huang inside very ancient town manorial. Build grand of Yu Hun female year, already had historical records of more than 200 years. Always in accumulate circle of more than 900 narrow. Green tile is abandoned, vulture Liang Huidong, become warped horny upturned eaves, it is ancient there is generation of representative a muddy to build very much on the town.

At that time, the butcher that goes in the name is in spread is good sell pork, rely on is worn admirable promise gets rich gradually. Buy after faint left Huang manorial, will be in henceforth contain of raise good holiday.

Careful scrutiny yellow family name is built manorially, lattice of an arch over a gateway, window... all carve of coloured drawing or pattern of special exquisite woodcarving, brick, carved stone waits color. Read aloud need that lackey is butcher admittedly, also having the taste of careful good feeling with peculiar itself.

Hold one's head high, can see there is the stone dog of a lively on courtyard door, that is the pointed horn that is the house that divide a side if really to the courtyard there, lackey thinks was not very fierce benefit, be blocked consequently with dog of a stone evil spirit, some people also can hang a broom.

Yang Jiali ases if very be particular about power of those wind fire movement, often can see fine sells small broom more on street of the eve of the lunar New Year, occupying native to is to use the battle that play ash to sweep hapless.

Raise has had very much very enthusiastic ancient medicinal powder city, after regretful faint by destroy by melting or burning, if the euqally common business of nocturnal branch changes this year,was in trigonometry comes loose city.

Handicraft, antique, fastfood, vegetable, unripe fruit, coming loose in trigonometry city all can see. Price does not have expensive, special channel.

Ancient medicinal powder city once went out admittedly had, but former address place borrows withheld generation of a muddy to ban tablet. Ban tablet to be sheltered to rise by vitreous cover, inside in unexpectedly little careless, also be very bizarre.

Banning tablet was once upon a time civilian government office to coming loose city builds decided a few regulations degree, in order to maintains evenhanded fairness.

The writing on tablet was in by write out on the gules brick wall before, eye of unusual hidden from view. Careful scrutiny goes, from the back a few paragraphs, writing pork to won't do fill water, won't do occupy tell operation to wait. Piece read aloud muddy to take the place of to once had fill water pork, the achievement on those contemporary markets is originally ancient already had.

Borrow in tablet write, if somebody dares,violate, the silver that need award 296 money, with Yu Jianmiao.

Raise has 3 Gu Miao very much, thoroughfaring temple of bell of battle of temple of 3 bounds temple, king of the eve of the lunar New Year, all did not I hope by destroy by melting or burning of water of the eve of the lunar New Year.

After hissing or her admittedly, all repaired again, but listen to white old man to once upon a time the God in 3 bounds temple all lifelike, lively, after be being repaired again, once did did not give original look, regretful.

5 fold hall also be raise the muddy generation of an example builds good Guzhen, build at muddy morning between Jiaqingnian. Be apart from ancient the historical records that has more than 200 years euqally, build if really 5 is enter and layer cascade gets a name then.

5 fold the choiceness of hall to be in at the station the first the eve of the lunar New Year that enter the door looks in, before hall of a room often is compared after one below, that " layer cascade is folded " 5 rooms and " reduce step by step " meaning.

This first 5 fold hall it is Chi of a beans does lane, the Chi that do a beans gets rich lackey. Wear if really the fabaceous Chi that his home does black spray is nasal, and never have be short of jin little 2, consequently dead meaning is done more jump over the eve of the lunar New Year, down to accomplished Guangdong, northwest inferior one belt. Chi of raise good beans also is enjoyed subsequently destroy each days.

Arrive again after faint, 5 fold hall be confiscated for a time, attribute consumptive line. Had borrowed rental do lodge for the night nearly popularly, nowadays door heart board still is 5 fold hall inn. Hear construction group is being torn open build when lodging for the night nearly popularly, gouge copperplate of crock of one the eve of the lunar New Year, should coil early treasure flee in disorder, die does not have footprint. If want the word of copperplate only,I am estimated, deserve borrows not as to all did not do even the project ran, deserve borrows have other very valuable tool, but the fact is what, the person that wants construction group only knew.

After faint 5 fold hall without re-lease, leave consumptive team to placed food and drink to use.

Of ancient town build, borrow those who get ancient garrison post is good feed.

Raise has 3 treasure very much: Sanded cake of fight of food of fabaceous Chi, plum. Honest raise good pickled Chinese cabbage is very famous also, can see a village bloat nearly popularly everywhere, pickled Chinese cabbage of fight of the food that bask in a plum,

The Mei Cai with good spread wants bump end 2 bloat 2 bask in. Bloat 7 days, insolation, bloat 10 days again, insolation, some down to want 3 bloat 3 bask in, want literary talent of a month to finish the least. Time, wind, manpower, group leave to be in all the way, can pay as long as plum food taste heart move.

The pickled Chinese cabbage with good spread should be used sufficient walk true, squeeze cent giving ammunition, put in the crock to note the fire that enter a river to cut off atmosphere again next.

Every family city bloats go to, every time gist bloats 5, 6 days good.

Other place does pickled Chinese cabbage, not disappear is sufficient walk, put medicine however, in order to be the flavor with gutty and pungent meeting. Dan Yang's good pickled Chinese cabbage was not met, the acerbity spray that wants kind of dense only is nasal, hearing let person forefinger the eve of the lunar New Year move.

Force of those two crocks of fire comparing is rare and muddy, it is to do not have what had bloated more very much.

Battle fine much Guzhen is same, raise has the vicissitudes of life of kind of Wen Tun very much. But those who take their difference is, raise is showing a few minutes of vigor again in good vicissitudes of life. Spread is good it is good that from muddy generation, Ming Dynasty the bulletin in building gives solid, bulletin to give arrogate to oneself, bulletin, the forefathers that also teachs generation generation people. That ability is the fountainhead that ancient town dies dead to did not cease, be?

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