how to choose a tour guide system

 News     |     October 24, 2019
 In the work, we often have their own use of auxiliary tools, can facilitate us more quickly to complete their work.When we used to travel, it was common to see tour guides Shouting loudly with big horns and red flags, but now more and more tour guide system are using wireless Why ? Because tour guide system use  built-in voice, no longer like the speaker as disturbing the situation. A good tour guide system can bring us a lot of convenience when we work, so what kind of tour guide system do you like to use?

tour guide system
1. Compact and exquisite, convenient to carry.
Every day, I have to travel to different places and cover countless kilometers.Everyone will choose the tour guide system the opiece design, the transmitter only weighs 30g, the receiver only weighs 20g, and the speaker is delicate and easy to carry.

2. International common frequency is adopted and customized frequency is supported.
 Our tour guide system designed for international common frequency band can support one person to speak and thousands of people to listen.In this way, the number of people can be increased or decreased at any time in the work, without affecting the effect of use.At the same time, it also has anti - serial frequency, anti - interference, anti - eavesdropping function.Sound quality clear without noise, give you a wonderful journey.

3. Charge for 3 hours and use for 20 hours.
This point is very important for the tour guide, it can take care of the tourists can clearly hear the tour guide to all the attractions.Yingmi tour guide system charging 3 hours, not interval use 20 hours.In the work.