Teach you three tips to choose audio guide system

 News     |     November 18, 2019
At the ticket entrance of the scenic spot, we will see that there is an audio guie system for rent, and the audio guie system content is about the scenic spot voice explanation.At government meetings, participants can also be seen wearing a bluetooth headset-like voice device, which is also a audio guie system.Tour guides and groups can also be seen in the scenic spots where tour guides explain.In the enterprise project site investigation, command and other places have the presence of the interpreter.It appears so frequently in the line of sight of our life, show its use is extensive, convenient and practical, have been recognized and favored by most people.Therefore, many scenic spots, enterprises, institutions and units that have not yet been equipped with the audio guie system  want to purchase and use the it.
audio guie system brand each has its own advantages, how to choose the audio guie system in the numerous explainer brand is a lot of buyers more concerned about.In particular, the presenter did not have a detailed understanding of the new meng, is not a small challenge.So, put together a new guide to teach you to avoid those holes in the purchase of audio guie system
 audio guie system
1. What is the scope and location of the audio guie system?
The use of the audio guie system is still very wide, the main need to explain the place can be used.Although the audio guie system  can easily realize the function of one-to-many and many-to-many explanation, in essence, it is a one-way propagation, that is, only the transmitter can send signals, and the receiver can only receive signals.
 audio guie system
2. What is the approximate price of the audio guie system?
Most of the audio guie system on the market are hundreds of one, if too low, too high, buyers have to think about the possible reasons, and then decide whether to buy, do not blindly pursue low or high high-end.
3. What about the after-sales service of theaudio guie system?
According to the different brands of the audio guie system, there will be some small differences between the brands.Yingmi audio guie system, free sample test, 1 year warranty, lifetime after-sales service.
Therefore, we should understand and compare more when buying, make an overall evaluation in our mind, and finally, choose the one that suits our needs, so that the audio guie system can bring us more convenience and convenience.