Our Company Provided a Speech Explanation Device For The Yangtze Piano Music Festival

 News     |     November 06, 2017
 In September, 2017, our company will provide a speech explanation device for the Yangtze piano music festival

Hefei audio guide technology co., LTD. Is committed to creating a quality brand electronic tour guide and customer-oriented service, serving as the main service for Chinese tourist attractions.My company's products more than kinds of type, including automatic induction interpretation and team explain, our customers throughout the various units and institutions both at home and abroad, their trust, is we continuously create super continued power.


Team voice navigation system: the narrator handheld equipment, wait for vocals or audio lossless sound transmission to the audience, in provides the high quality tour service at the same time, also overcomes previous noise pollution caused by the use of loudspeakers and mixed, also visit a clear, quiet and comfortable environment.


Tour guide is suitable for tour guide group, leader visit and use, team explain



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