Digital audio wireless tour guide system

 News     |     May 23, 2019
 Digital audio wireless tour guide system is mainly divided into two main parts: one part is called transmitter, the other part is called receiver.The transmitter is for the speaker and the accessory is the mic.The person who needs to speak should speak at a normal volume (no need to shout as loud as a megaphone) with a transmitter.The listener needs to wear the receiver, and all the receivers can hear the speaker's voice very clearly from 100 meters away, just like he/she is talking in your ear!A transmitter can take hundreds of thousands of receivers, easily achieve a talk and listen to the wireless mode!Hefei Humantek Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of digital audio wireless tour guide systemin China, established in 2007. 

wireless tour guide system

Our products can be widely used in Scenic spot, museums,  companies , factories, government agencies and technology center. The digital audio wireless tour guide system passed ISO9001:2000 ,CE and Rohs .
The team wireless tour guide system is suitable for the group travel, company visit.

The speaker can speak by transmitter , the visitor can listen can receiver.  It providing high-quality tour services, it overcomes the noise pollution and confusion caused by the previous use of loudspeakers and visits a clear, quiet and comfortable environment.

wireless tour guide system
Yingmi digital audio wireless tour guide system , Make The Audio More Wonderful. Welcome to visit our company.