Where to go on holiday in March 2020

 Industry News     |     February 21, 2020

March may be a cold month for countries in the Northern Hemisphere but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and adventure

Reykjavik, Iceland

Is March a good time to catch the Northern Lights in Iceland? We don’t have a crystal ball to predict if you can see them, but you will have fun in Reykjavik on 1 March as Iceland celebrates Beer Day.

More than a century ago Iceland banned all alcoholic drinks. The country went dark (much darker than its usual winter days) for 74 years. Things changed on 1 March 1989 when the nation re-legalised beer. The date, known locally as Beer Day, is now celebrated annually with gusto. So head to Reykjavik this March for boozy late nights – just don’t get a hangover that will last longer than an Icelandic winter.

PS: if you don’t like beer, try Brennivín, aka “Black Death”, a signature spirit of Iceland.

Getting to Reykjavik

Icelandair is the national carrier but other airlines like British Airways, easyJet, eurowings and Norwegian also connect Reykjavik with major European cities. Search for your flights on Skyscanner to find the best and cheapest options available.

Before you go, check out our Reykjavik travel guide.

Beer Day

Beer Day

Bansko, Bulgaria

Before the skiing season ends in just a few weeks’ time, enjoy a good-value ski holiday at Bansko in Bulgaria’s Pirin Mountains. The resort has a dedicated children’s learning area, and more than a third of its slopes are designed for beginners and intermediates.

Beyond skiing, the Rila Mountains are also home to the 10th-century Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila, the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. A listed UNESCO World Heritage site, the monastery is home to approximately 60 monks.

Getting to Bansko, Bulgaria
The nearest airport is Sofia, about 160km (100 miles) from Bansko. The best way to Bansko is to fly to Sofia, so search for your flights on Skyscanner to find the best and cheapest options available.

From Sofia, you can either drive or take a bus from the Central Bus Station to Bansko. There are multiple buses a day, all buses that go to Gotce Delchev, Ognyanovo, Yakoruda, Bania or Eleshnitsa will make a stop at the resort.

Before you go, use this Bulgaria travel guide to plan. Additionally, as Bulgarian wine becomes popular, it is fun to visit a few wineries. Learn about Bulgarian wine by following the link to the article The complete guide to Bulgarian wine.


Skiing resort at Bansko


Mozambique has nearly 2,500km (1,550 miles) of coastline with beaches bordered by lagoons, coral reefs and strings of islands. Choose a white sandy spot and enjoy an authentic sand-between-your-toes beach experience. The country has a growing number of resorts that are well-equipped for subaquatic activities – diving and snorkelling with dolphins, rays and dugong (manatee). Key spots for divers include the reefs of Inhambane, the Bazaruto Archipelago and Quirimbas National Park.

Getting to Mozambique
Although you can fly to Maputo International Airport, the flights often require a stopover and can be expensive. To save money, consider flying into Johannesburg and taking a bus to Maputo. The journey is about 8 to 9 hours and the bus ticket is about US$23 each way. Check out the cheapest flights to Maputo or Johannesburg on this Skyscanner page.

In addition, use our Mozambique travel guide to familiarise yourself with this amazing country.


OneAudio Guide System of Mozambique's many idyllic beaches

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